Having a car is somewhat of an expense for many people, and a large chunk of their monthly budgets go into paying for and maintaining their vehicle. Not only is a car expensive when purchasing it, but the upkeep of the car can be expensive as well. Anything can happen to a car, whether it be an accident, a recall, or parts wearing out. With cars needing contestant maintenance, it is important to understand which parts are necessary to by new, and which ones can be bought used. The prices can be drastically different, and you may be spending more than you need to spend on certain parts.

Buying used car parts can be an extremely risky move. Like buying a used car, used parts have a history that is unknown to the buyer. There is a time and place for used auto parts. They can be much less expensive than a new part, and if a new part will take time getting to you, a used part is a cheap way to hold your car over until the new part arrives.

Some parts of a car are okay to buy used, and some parts are never okay to buy used. Parts that wear out in a car over time, such as alternators and starters are probably best off purchased new. If you buy them used, you will have to buy another part sooner, rather than buying it new only once. Always check the mileage on a used part. If you can get a part with low mileage, it will last you longer, making the decision to buy used even better. You can look online and see which parts are okay to buy used, and which are not, making your decision a bit easier.

When buying a used part, make sure you know exactly what you need. Have a picture of the part, or the part itself on hand when buying. Used parts can get mixed up with one another, and you want to make sure you are getting the exact part you need. Always ask questions, mechanics know about all sorts of makes and models of cars, and can help you decide if you should buy the part new or used. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Sometimes there is no way out of buying a new car part. The reasons for this vary. Your car may be very new, and there are no used parts specific to the recent make and model. There may be a recall on a part, and the motor company must release a new part to the market to replace all of the bad ones. It also may be because a part is not recommended to buy used, and it would be more prudent to buy new.

If any of these reasons are why you are buying a new car part, it is important to do research. Look and see how much the part is going for at the dealership and in different auto parts stores. Comparing prices will help you make a choice that is within your budget.