There are a lot of people who are dedicated to cutting their expenses on car maintenance. One way to do that is with the do-it-yourself maintenance guides. By using these guides, you can save on the labor expense that may be involved in routine maintenance and minor repair jobs on their cars. In addition, the more you understand the inner workings of your vehicle, the easier it will be to maintain it in good condition. Still, manuals can be quite pricey, especially if you own an older model vehicle. So, it will help to know where to look to find a few free auto manuals repair guides to get you started.


There are a number of websites that offer a wide range of auto manuals for free to the consumer. Some of these sites have thousands of manuals on file, so whether you're looking for a manual for a vintage car or the one for a newer model, you have a good chance of finding one. They offer owners, service, factory, and repair manuals for all sorts of cars and for many different models throughout the years.

Google It:

If you are having difficulties in finding a car manual for your vehicle, you can always go the old faithful method of Googling it. While this may lead you to a dealership in some remote location, there is also the possibility that you can find a previous owner who has kept his book on the shelf for years. While you may have lost yours to spilled coffee, inclement weather, or other adverse conditions, Google will be able to put you in contact with someone who is willing to give away his free auto manuals repair guide to you.


And if the guide you're looking for is extremely rare, there may not be a way to purchase one outright. In that case, there are services that are willing to make an actual copy of the book and reformat it into a PDF form so that you can purchase the copy.

Keep in mind if you go this route that you want to make sure that you remain legal in your attempts to get your manual. Copyright laws usually last for 50 or more years, so always check with the publisher of such a book and get permission for the copying before you proceed. If the book is no longer in print they may be willing to grant you permission to copy their printed pages and use them in the PDF format.

Maintaining your car can be a challenge at best. There are many small details that need to be given attention. Having a free auto manuals repair guide can prove to be a major lifesaver for those who want to do the work on their cars themselves. By taking the time to find the right manual to walk you through the job, you are not only saving yourself money, you are keeping your car in pristine condition, and you're getting the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done much of the work in preserving your car yourself.

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