Anytime you're shopping for something used there are a lot of things to look for. And this due diligence is even more important when you're shopping for a used vehicle. Of course, you can always take the car to the mechanic and have him give it a thorough once over but even with that strategy it may not be possible to uncover all the flaws in a car.

This is why the government requires that every car be given a title and a vehicle history report. Making sure that any vehicle you purchase has a clean car title check and a clean history are essential steps in a used vehicle purchase. It may cost you a few dollars on the front end but could virtually save you thousands later on.

What Is A Clean Car Title Check?

When you do a car title check, you're looking for more than if the car is in good working order. While that is very important, if that is all you do, you're only covering the basics. The title of the vehicle will tell you if there are any liens on the car, which could lead to repossession sometime in the future, even if you make all the payments on time or you could end up making back payments that the previous owner may have defaulted on. Making sure that any vehicle you consider purchasing has a clean car title check is essential to save you from losing a lot more in the future.

The Vehicle History Report:

Getting a vehicle history report could be even more helpful when you're buying a used car. When you have the history of the car you're considering, you not only know who the owner is you're purchasing from but you also know how many times the car has been bought and sold over its lifetime. You can see the odometer readings for each sale, which can tell you if it has been tampered with, and you know about any accidents the car may have been in and the amount of damage it has suffered over the years.

With a vehicle history report you'll also know if the car has been "branded" for extensive damage or totaled at some point. This could be the result of accidents or even disasters like floods, or any other type of natural phenomenon. In fact, some vehicle history reports are so detailed that they even list how many times the car has been serviced over the years or if it was ever sold at auction.

When you're purchasing a used vehicle it is important to get a clean car title check. Even the most inexperienced of car buyers will be aware that this is necessary but it is also imperative that you look a little deeper to make sure that you're getting the deal you deserve. That's why it has been strongly recommended that you also get a vehicle history report so that you know everything possible there is to know about the car you're purchasing.