When it comes to determining car values, a good reference is the official website at www.Nada.com of the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA). Whether you're looking to appraise a classic or an older used model, this is the industry standard on the best buys across the board. There are a number of characteristics to account for when determining the value of a car, and you will find that there are many experts across North America who turn to NADA when determining the value of cars for their lot or website.

Comparing Models Side By Side:

One of the methods utilized to find NADA car values is comparing vehicles side by side. This is useful if you are considering the sale or purchase of two different models, but you want to know what makes each automobile unique or worth the price being offered. Some of the features which will be compared to determine the higher valued vehicle include the year that the car was built, the make and model, as well as the trim. Believe it or not, each of these defining characteristics can make quite an impact on the way that the car is valued, and even cars of the same make and model can be priced differently based on the trim used in the design.

Every Car Has a Past:

NADA car values may also be based on vehicle history. The history of a vehicle may not seem important at first glance, if the car is intact and appears to have a fresh coat of paint. The problem with basing appraisal on appearance alone is that a past accident can make a big impact on the overall value, and you may be overpaying or expecting too high a profit if you are buying or selling a model that has been damaged and rebuilt. There are many ways to check the history of a car, but the most effective method is to order a vehicle history report.

Certification Counts:

Another factor you should check out if you are buying used is whether or not the car has been certified. A certified pre-owned car holds a higher value than another used vehicle, because it has been guaranteed by the original manufacturer, rather than just the dealership through which you buy. This means that the car has undergone an intense inspection process that often includes higher levels of warranty and other advantages like roadside assistance. When you are looking for NADA car values online, this is an available option to use in the search process.

Every vehicle is unique in one way or another, which means that using all of the available resources during your evaluation will give you the best chances of obtaining a fair deal. When selling or buying a new or used car, the NADA car values can greatly increase your chances of finding the most accurate price for your automobile. Even if you are selling and feel that your car can't fetch you a decent price, the search features through NADA could prove differently.