Some people dread the concept of renting their first car, simply because they've heard that it is difficult to wade through all of the different options and find the best deal. Fortunately, however, there are a number of ways for individuals to get a better price on their car rental, without any extra stress. Here are 5 tips for saving money on a car rental that could help you to keep some cash in your pocket.

1.) Compare prices and shop around.

This might seem like the oldest and most obvious tip in the book, yet somehow, some people still manage to forget about it. The rates given by car rental companies can vary widely even if the car you're looking to rent is exactly the same. Check around several different locations in the area where you are looking to rent your car, and compare prices of different companies. Another thing to remember when you are comparing prices, is that you shouldn't be afraid to ask for discounts or any special offers that you may be able to access.

2.) Get the cheapest car for your needs.

It can be very easy for people to get carried away when they're renting a car, because it isn't as expensive as purchasing a new vehicle outright. One of the best tips for saving money on a car rental is to stay low on your price range. You might even find free upgrade coupons or deals if you join your chosen agency's mailing list or customer program. If you turn up with a budget in mind, and stick to it, you're more likely to drive away with a better deal.

3.) Fill up the tank.

If you don't return your rental car with the same level of fuel it had when it was given to you, the car rental agency could add on an extra (often excessive) fee for replenishing the gas that has been used. Make a note of the gas level and fill the tank up before you return it.

4.) Choose your insurance wisely.

Another essential in saving money on a car rental, is looking for the right option in extra insurance. Most car rental companies will offer their customers added insurance as standard, but this may not be necessary for you, depending on what your insurance coverage is.

5.) Do not be late.

This is the essential final part of renting a car and ensuring you get a good deal. Make sure that you make a note of the time that you agreed to have the rented car returned and ensure that you're at the dealership ahead of schedule. It's better to arrive half an hour early, than five minutes late, as companies will charge penalties if you aren't on time. Remember, these companies are counting on you to arrive on time so that they can prep your vehicle and make it available for the next person. If you end up running late for any reason, even if it's only by a few minutes, make sure that you call the rental agency and ask them to make a note on your account.