Buying a new car can be an overwhelming experience if you're not sure which kind of car you want. With all the commercials and advertisements telling you that a certain car is the best, it is difficult to choose what car is right for you. However, a new type of car has entered the market and has been exceedingly popular among consumers. Crossover SUVs are popular for drivers with families who want to have the space and the durability of an SUV or a minivan, but do not want the bulkiness or the difficult ride that the common SUVs provide. There are many great reasons to buy a crossover SUV, and they will all benefit any driver with whatever needs that they need met.

Gas prices are always going up, and with the summer months approaching drivers know that they are only about to get higher. With big trucks and SUVs, going to the pump can be a painful excursion, but with the crossover SUV, breaking the bank for gas is a thing of the past. Crossover SUVs provide excellent gas mileage, with 23-27 MPG city and 30-37 MPG highway. You can take this car a long ways before having to stop at the pump on your next road trip and avoid paying the high prices.

With such amazing gas mileage, many consumers may feel that the car will be too small for everything they need. This is untrue. Crossover SUVs provide an abundance of space for both people and items. They have fold down seats, and large areas in the back in the car for whatever items you may need to carry. Whether it be a large load of groceries, sports equipment, or luggage for a trip the crossover SUV can hold whatever items you need it to hold.

One of the main reasons people buy SUVs and minivans is because they have a large amount of people to carry around. With a smaller looking vehicle, it would seem that you would be able to fit less people in the car. This is not the case, as many of the crossover models have additional third row seating. This is great for people with large families that want a comfortable ride, as well as the space to fit everything that their family needs.

Regular SUVs are built to withstand off-road excursions, as well as tow heavy loads. Their type of construction is called truck based, making the SUVs have a suspension that does not absorb bumps, but that just goes over them. Crossovers are built on what is called a car platform, which are designed with a smoother ride in mind. They can handle some off-road terrain, but these cars are built with a sleeker, smaller design so that they are easier to handle, and also easier to get into smaller spaces. Parking in the back of the parking lot in your large SUV because you cannot find a spot does not happen in your new crossover SUV.