Smart Ways To Stay Healthy On A Road Trip

By David Moore
Updated April 9, 2015
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Smart Ways To Stay Healthy On A Road TripEvery year, thousands of families take off for the annual road trip, heading off to visit relatives or just travel the land. Unfortunately, it’s common for healthy resolutions to fall by the wayside when people are on the road. Here are some smart ways to stay healthy on your next road trip.

1.) Stretch Out Frequently

Stop a few times a day to get out of the car and move around a bit. Your body gets stiff sitting in the same position. Stand up, walk around, and do a few stretching exercises for your back, neck and shoulders. This also gives you a chance to admire the view from a scenic overlook.

2.) Drink A Lot Of Water

Bring reusable water bottles on your trip. Fill them with cold water before you leave home, or even freeze them if you want icy cold water on the road. Drinking water is healthier for you than calorie-laden sodas or sweet caffeinated coffee drinks. You can refill the bottles when you stop at gas stations or hotels each day.

3.) Pack Smart Snacks

Don’t rely on candy bars and cheese puffs for car snacks, which lead to excessive sugar and salt intake. Pack a selection of smart, healthy snacks before you leave, so that you can munch on carrot sticks, grapes, cheese cubes or granola bars instead.

4.) Watch Your Posture

When you sit in one position for a long time, it can lead to a sore back. Adjust your seat for the best posture and back support. Sometimes an additional pillow behind your lower back can help tremendously. Try to sit up tall and avoid slouching, and periodically roll your shoulders and stretch your neck.

5.) Use Sunscreen

If you ever drive with one arm out an open window, you can get a trucker’s tan with one dark arm. Inside, your car windows will block out a lot of the sun’s rays, but you aren’t fully protected. Use sunscreen regularly on a road trip to protect your skin.

6.) Wear Loose Clothing

Don’t wear tight clothes that can chafe or block your circulation. Loose, lightweight clothing will be more comfortable on a long drive. Compression socks can help prevent a condition called deep vein thrombosis, where blood clots can form in the legs when sitting for extended periods of time.

7.) Keep Your Schedule Flexible

Unless you have a particular reason that you need to drive day and night to get to your destination quickly, give yourself a more reasonable schedule. If you have more time, you can take scenic detours, and stop along the way at interesting landmarks. You’ll enjoy the trip more this way.

8.) Stay In Shape

Another casualty on many road trips is the exercise plan. You don’t need a full-fledged gym to get a workout in. Just pack your running shoes and some workout clothes, and you can hit the street or work out in the park. You can also pack small gear like resistance bands for workouts in your hotel room.

9.) Get Some Sleep

Don’t push yourself so hard that you’re driving when your eyelids are getting droopy. Driving when you’re tired can be extremely dangerous. If you’re getting sleepy, either trade off with a secondary driver, or pull over somewhere safe where you can take a nap. It’s not worth taking the chance of falling asleep at the wheel.

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