Used SUVs For Sale By Owner - Why You Should Buy Used

By Fred Jacob
Updated July 13, 2016
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Used SUVs For Sale By Owner - Why You Should Buy UsedIt seems that the SUV has quickly become the American car of choice. Anyone with a family, on the road a lot, or just looking for something that's a little more rugged than a standard sedan will want to look for an SUV. But buying one straight off the lot is not always an option for many so instead they look for used SUVs for sale by owner.

Why Buy Used SUVs From The Owner?

There are many reasons why buying from a private owner is a good idea but the most common reason is that it will save money. For the most part, used vehicles sold through a dealership will cost more than used vehicles from private owners. This is because the dealer has the additional administrative costs that stem from its purchase from the original owner, transfer of title, insurance, and other overhead expenses. When you buy used SUVs for sale by owner you can cut out much of that cost, saving you lots of money.

No Hassles:

You also don't have to worry about the haggling and game playing that many dealers use to boost up the price. Most private sellers are interested in a fast sale and while they may haggle a bit, they aren't likely to be as insistent on it as a dealership. This is especially true when the owners are selling the more popular SUVs on the market.

Better Condition:

When you purchase used SUVs for sale by owner you are more likely to find a well-maintained car in good condition. More often than not, a private seller will be able to provide you with detailed maintenance and service records and even a vehicle history report so you know what you're getting. On average, most dealers who choose to sell their vehicles on their own do so because they have pride in their vehicles and are not willing to take a lesser value trade in deal from a dealer because they know what their car is worth. This turns out to be a benefit to you the buyer. They will provide you with all the paperwork and proof that you need to justify the price they are asking.


Even though you can find some good deals when you purchase a used SUV, there are always risks involved as well. For one, you won't get the benefit of a warranty on the car like you would from a dealer. Dealerships are required to abide by the Federal Trade Commission guidelines, which state that they must "certify" their vehicles and provide some form of short-term warranty. This will not exist with a private seller.

Buying a used SUV can be a great idea if you're on a budget. You'll save money overall on your purchase and in many cases you can find a vehicle that is just as good as new for a fraction of the cost. Still, as with any type of used vehicle purchase, caution is warranted but all-in-all, you'll be able to get a better bang for your buck in the end.

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