How A Chicago Restaurant Went Trash Free

By Deborah Anderson
Updated August 25, 2014
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How A Chicago Restaurant Went Trash FreeWe've all heard of recycling, and reusing to eliminate waste; however Sandwich Me In, in Chicago, Illinois, is taking it to a new level.

Sandwich Me In, has enforced an incredible sustainability plan to not just cut down on trash, but completely eliminate it, entirely.

Owner, Justin Vrany stated that after a few years, Sandwich Me In had only produced eight gallons of trash, which is what an average restaurant disposes in an hour. With the little trash Sandwich Me In was producing, they decided to give the trash to an artist for a sculpture project, which officially made the establishment a trash-free restaurant.

On top of their reducing and eliminating waste program, Sandwich Me In also uses all natural, local products and operates on renewable energy.

Check out the video below to view how Sandwich Me In manages their trash-free movement.

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