Paying your passport fees is what gets you the passport you require for travel, the reversal of an error, a renewal for an expired passport, and a number of other services. All of the different fees associated with United States passports can be seen through the passport fees website. Paying these fees incorrectly along with your application could be cause for a delay during the processing of that application, which could result in you missing a trip, or being unable to renew or purchase a first time passport until the problem is rectified.

Along with the available charts for determining your fees and how to pay them, the passport fees site also includes a estimation calculator, which allows you to add up all of the different fees you must pay so you have a better idea of the total. While the site is aimed primarily toward adults, minor passport fees may also be calculated and paid through the site along with their special and optional services.

Getting Your Passport For The First Time:

If you are 16 or older and are a resident of the United States of America, you can apply for your passport so that you may enter other countries and then return home. Note that for those who are 16 to 17, parental awareness will need to be verified. All of the fees associated with this service will include an execution fee of $25, which helps to cover the cost of administration tasks, such as the oath and identification verification.

The main passport book and card from the passport fees site comes out to cost $140 and require you to use the DS-11 form. The book alone is $110, while the card is $30. If you are applying for your very first passport, you are required to apply in person.

Renewing For Adults:

If it isn't your first time obtaining a U.S. passport and you want to renew a passport that has expired or is about to expire, the fees will be different. The previous administration fees will no longer be needed, but the price of the book and card will be the same.

Applying for a First Time Minor:

If you are under the age of 16 then a parent or guardian will need to complete your passport application and attend the passport office with you to apply. The execution payment will be required again for administrative purposes, but your fees are reduced to $95, which can be broken down into $80 for the passport book and $15 for the card. The form needed is the DS-11.

If you are changing your name, adding pages to your book, reporting an error or wish to pursue expedited or overnight delivery of your passport then additional fees will be required for the special services. A file search can also be ordered to determine if a previous passport is in your name or has been left in another country. The file search fee is not something that you need to worry about if you have lost your passport. No payment is necessary to report a passport lost or stolen through the passport fees website.