There may be many things you can go to the government for. Businesses look to the government for grants, students may look for loans, and families my look to the government for support for housing, retirement, and a host of other things. The government can prove to be an excellent resource for all sorts of things if you know how to request it. For that you need to know where to go to get the right government forms for the things you need.

Where to Look:

One of the first challenges you may have to getting what you want from the government is knowing where to look for the right forms. Depending on your specific need, you can start with the government website This site has lots of information on different types of forms to fill different needs. You can find information on how to file a claim for your unclaimed property, check your tax refund status, and even forms to get a free credit report.

Go Directly to the Agency:

You can also get the correct government forms by going directly to the agency you're requesting services from. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has lots of different forms that may not be easily found in other locations. If when you file your taxes, you're in need of a special form, then checking the IRS online may be the best place to look. You'll be assured that the forms you get will not only help you to apply for what you need but they'll be up to date and correct. Going to a third party site may get you forms that are outdated and have already been revised.

Immigration and Travel:

Most people think that government forms are mostly about the IRS and taxes. In fact, tax forms are the one type of form that we all have in common. However, the government covers a wide range of other types of forms that you may not realize. Those who wish to immigrate to this country will need to file immigration forms with Homeland Security, and those who wish to travel to other countries will have to fill out forms for passports, visas, and specialized travel documents like sentry passes and more. These forms can be found at the Homeland Security website at along with a list of instructions on how to fill them out and the type of information that may be needed to submit them properly.

One thing that we know for sure about our government is that there will always be a lot of paperwork in order to get things done. Sometimes filling out those forms can be quite time consuming and confusing. If you've made an error or omitted even the slightest bit of information, you may be asked to return to the drawing board and start again. So, if you're in doubt about the right form you need, the right agency to contact, and the right information to contain, you would do well to arrange to speak with someone with knowledge about your issue before you start filling out your own government forms.