How To Choose The Right Payroll Service

By Riley Martin
Updated January 7, 2015
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How To Choose The Right Payroll ServiceThere is a lot involved in keeping up with the books in your business. One mistake can often cause a domino effect that can mean a lot of trouble in the form of IRS penalties and payroll problems. Every business owner may not fully understand the legal rules and regulations that are involved with payroll issues and the result could be potentially devastating if not taken care of properly. Rather than try to figure these things out for yourself it may be better to choose a payroll service to do the work for you. But even that step requires a bit of caution. That's why it's so important for every business owner to know exactly how to choose the right payroll service to meet their specific needs.

Where To Look

You could do a simple search on Google for payroll services but the number of results you'll get will be staggering. With so many options to choose from it will be very important for you to narrow them down to just a few. One of the best ways to do that is to use referrals. This will give you a little history about the track record and how they have worked with businesses like yours. However, if you're a small business and want to deal with a larger payroll service they may try to group you together with others and the result will be that you won't get that much attention for your money.

List Your Expectations

One of the most important steps on how to choose the right payroll service is to determine what you expect from the service before you meet with them. Will you want them to handle taxes? Do you need human services? Will there be a 401(k)? You'll need to know the answer to these and more questions before you're ready to discuss their service options for you. You want to hire a service that is familiar with your particular industry and all the nuances that may need to be addressed before you meet.

Compare Pricing

While there may be many services that can meet your needs, they will not all cost the same. If the company that you are considering has a good reputation and is knowledgeable enough about your business and you're confident that they can meet your needs, then it's time to talk about pricing. Find out specifically what that price includes. Will they be responsible for W-2 forms or will you be the one? Will end-of-year tax computations require an additional fee or will they be included? Make sure that you understand everything that the service is offering under the umbrella of their price and you're good to go.

You've probably already realized how complicated handling payroll can be. It is difficult to say the least but you have a choice. You could do all of that yourself spending your additional time studying and learning about the ever changing payroll laws or you can learn how to choose the right payroll service and hire financial experts to do it all for you.

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