It would be so nice if you could shop for free, although it seems to be a contradiction in terms. Nevertheless, if the 'extreme couponers' are to be believed, shopping for free is very much possible. All it takes is some organization and time, and some knowledge on where to find free promo codes. Hopefully, the following information will help you to do just that.

Finding Free Promo Codes:

There are a number of ways to find free promo codes. The first is to subscribe to a Sunday paper, which tends to be very cheap. Choose one from your town and one from the state, but do check that you will save more from your coupons than you pay for the subscription. You should get inserts in these papers with some fascinating coupons. Expect at least three coupons that are usable for each paper you purchase.

Also make sure you start collecting sales fliers from all of your favorite stores. These often have printed coupons at the bottom of their pages or towards the end of the flier. Try to find out when the flyer is printed, so you are always first to get it. And don't be afraid to pick up a few.

You should also use the internet as much as possible. Store emails may seem like spam, but they are full of coupons as well as electronic copies of their fliers. Make sure you sign up for a loyalty card at your stores of choice and give them your email address.

You can also find free promo codes on a variety of different websites that focus specifically on couponing. Alternatively, try coupon clippers websites. Sign up for their mailing lists to have coupons delivered straight to your mailbox.

Do also keep your eye on the websites and social media pages, particularly Facebook and Twitter, of all your favorite stores. If they have any special offers, they are likely to list them there. Similarly, various magazines (online and offline) tend to be filled with coupons.

You also need to be physically alert. Whenever you go to a store, there may be coupons next to the different products in the store itself. There may also be a machine at the front where you can print coupons. Usually, you will need to enter your loyalty card to take advantage of those.

Sticking with more modern technology, keep your eye out for QR codes. These can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet and will take you to a coupon. You can download scanning apps for free on both Android and iOS devices. All you usually have to do is open the app and point your camera to the QR code, and it will then automatically take you to the deal it is referring to.

Finally, consider a coupon swap. Everybody is becoming more frugal and looking at ways to save money. Why not have a weekly meeting with friends where you can swap free promo codes that you have come across? This way, everybody helps each other out.