There are many people who appreciate the value that a good coupon campaign can bring them. For years, they have been clipping paper coupons from newspapers, flyers, magazines and other resources so they can get a great deal.

In today's modern age, paper coupons are quickly fading off into the sunset. Now, since the majority of us do most of our shopping online, the most common way to get promo codes for free stuff is also online.

What Is a Promo Code?

Promo codes or coupon codes are promotional numbers associated with a specific offer. These are usually used in online stores but there are a few brick and mortar businesses that use them as well. These promo codes could be for anything from free shipping to significant discounts on the purchase price of a particular product or service.

There is usually a box somewhere on the webpage that allows you to input your code in order to get the discount you deserve. Once entered, the amount of the discount or the freebie is often discounted instantly.

Where to Find Them:

There are hundreds of resources for finding promo codes for free stuff online. Almost every online business will offer some type of online coupon but if you're looking for specifically free stuff, check out sites like This will give you a list of free stuff in general. If you're looking for free stuff from a specific retailer, then simply go to your search engine and type in "storename coupon code". If they have promo codes for free stuff it should appear there.

If you are looking for a general listing of free promotions you can also simply type in coupon codes right in your search bar. You'll find a wide selection of codes. Make sure that you choose one that you are going to use soon. Just like regular coupons that are clipped from your newspaper, these codes will usually have an expiration date so only take out those when you're ready to use them.

How to Use Them:

Once you've found the coupon codes that you like, simply click on the link that is connected to it and then start shopping. It will usually direct you to a shopping website and allow you to browse around as long as you can. They may be giving away stuff for free but they want you to look at things you might want to buy. However, before you reach the final page for completing your sale, look for a box that will allow you to input your promo code. By the time you reach the point where you need to close out your shopping cart, it should have already discounted them.

If you like the deals you are getting, most promotional web pages encourage you to join their mailing list where you can get frequent updates on promotions they have to offer. If it is something you're interested in, feel free to join. Many online retailers have discovered that regular newsletters and emails can be an effective marketing tool that can keep their customers coming back frequently for big savings. So, whether you're shopping for a single item or a household full of things, you'll save a lot of money by using the many promo codes that are available online.