Throughout the world today, marketplace prices are competitive for everyone, as firms struggle to earn their customers cash. When they come face to face with large, chain retailers, small businesses often find the strain to succeed all the more challenging. Even the development of holidays, such as Small Business Saturday, which takes place on the 29th of November this year, can only go some way to helping local small businesses thrive. So if you're used to shopping at your local supermarket for just about everything, why should you consider changing your style and looking elsewhere? Here are seven reasons why shopping at small businesses could benefit you.

1.) Shopping at small businesses in your local area allows you to support the important aspects of your town or city, such as police departments, schools and emergency services. Generally, when you shop small, the largest portion of your money and the taxes you spend remain local. According to Civic Economics research, when you spend $100 in a small business, $68 of that remains local, compared to only $43 in chain stores.

2.) Local businesses are generally owned by people living in your town, so when you buy from them, you are strengthening your community. These are the people in your area that coach teams for little league, go to your church or synagogue and contribute something back to you.

3.) Property values can benefit from small local business support. A vibrant and lively neighborhood filled with niche local businesses are considered to be a huge advantage when it comes to selling homes. The more small businesses you have, the more valuable your area becomes.

4.) Independent small shops can help to celebrate the uniqueness of your city, and they're usually run by people who are dedicated to the concept of consumer satisfaction. The chances are that shopping at a small business will offer you amazing service as well as provide a quick response to the evolving needs of your community.

5.) Save time, and the environment. Small businesses provide convenient parking locations, shorter checkout lines and a smaller footprint when you need to find something fast and easy. Most of the time, you can call ahead to small businesses and ask if they have the item you want in stock before you make an unnecessary trip.

6.) Small businesses offer amazing toys and enviable fashion. If you walk into just any superstore, you'll probably find aisles of plastic for your children and racks of the same old style for you. On the other hand, at a local and independent store, you'll find toys that last much longer, and fashion items that might transform into a signature part of your look.

7.) Expertise is everywhere in small businesses. Because most small businesses are dedicated to their specific niche and pleasing their customers, they're likely to be capable of telling you anything about their products. Small business merchants can also help you make the best decision for your purchase, whether you're looking for the right wine or the perfect gift.