How Running A Startup Has Changed In The Past 5 Years

By Deborah Anderson
Updated April 13, 2015
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How Running A Startup Has Changed In The Past 5 YearsStarting a digital marketing company nearly five years ago was no easy task. Social Media was really just taking shape for marketing efforts for businesses and individuals, and our means of driving traffic was solely focused on Email Marketing, Online Directories, Event Marketing, PPC from the search engines, and internal SEO within our agency.

Within the past few years we've had to completely shift gears at our digital marketing agency. Nearly sixty percent of business owners in the start up space are saying its much harder to run a business now, than it was in the past five years. Thirty percent, says its the same, and only twelve percent say it was harder back then to run a start-up.

The three biggest differences businesses are doing then vs. now are:

  1. 84% are using more online marketing tools
  2. 59% are saying economic uncertainty
  3. 27% are using more automated business solutions

More small businesses are saying that being locally owned is extremely important to customers.

The top tools used by small businesses then vs. now are:


  1. 64% Email Marketing
  2. 21% Online Directories
  3. 20% Event Marketing
  4. 10% Social Media Marketing


  1. 98% Email Marketing
  2. 36% Online Directories
  3. 44% Event Marketing
  4. 87% Social Media Marketing

As you can see the tables are turning quickly. Take a look below at the visual as it breaks down how running a start up has changed in the past five years.

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