Everything moves fast in today's world. All credit card companies understand that customers these days, expect faster results, and they've responded accordingly.

Many companies now offer top instant approval credit cards to their customers. So how do these cards work? And how "instant" are they? Let's have a close look at how instant approval credit cards work and where to acquire the right one for your personal needs.

Where to find instant approval credit cards?

Applications for instant approval credit cards won't show up in your mailbox. You will have to do some online research by going on a handful of credit card websites. They are mostly listed in a section of their own, and sometimes they are found in the other categories, such as, instant approval cards for the bad credit.

On some websites you can even compare all of the instant approval credit cards. The biggest benefit when you compare instant approval credit cards is that you can choose the best card available at the lowest interest rate and easiest terms.

What does the word "instant" mean?

Many companies advertise that they'll let you know whether you've been approved or not within minutes. This means, once you fill an online form and send it in, a detailed response from the company will be emailed to you within a minute. The process is super fast than sending your application via mail or fax.

Getting approved for these cards doesn't mean that you can use it right away. You will have to wait a while for a plastic card to arrive in your mailbox. This usually takes 4-7 business days. Once the card is in your hands, you can call a specific number to authorize it. Then you can swipe it as you wish, once authorized.

How does this process work?

So, how do credit card companies instantly know whether you can actually handle a credit card or not? Most of the companies run a credit check on you. They will access your FICO (Fair Isaac & Company) score. This number ranges from 300-850. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are going to get approved.

When the credit card company receives your score, your application is approved. Even though instant approval is not 100 percent guaranteed, the answer you'll get will be the correct one. You won't have to worry about sending your private information over the internet. All companies use the latest data encryption techniques to ensure your information is safe.

Earlier, instant credit cards were given to the people with a good credit score, but with the growing competition now you have more options. Many companies even approve applicants with a bad credit score. Before, approval, you should compare all instant approval credit cards.

Lastly, you should read the fine print and also review other rewards and benefits that are included. Once you've chosen the best card, the application process should take few minutes and soon, you will have a new credit card in your wallet!