The Top 3 Moves She’ll Love

By Seamus Nally
Updated January 21, 2016
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The Top 3 Moves She’ll LoveA few months into any relationship, things start to slow down. Don’t let the natural plateau create a rift. Here’s the top three things to keep the sparks alive.

1.) The Unexpected

Do something unexpected. It’s as simple as showing up at her work with a slurpee. Or maybe an early morning meetup with breakfast. These little surprise will all keep her interested and thinking about you more.

2.) Little Sweet Nothings

Every lady likes to have a man touch her gently and play with her hair. It goes even further than that though. It’s remembering her favorite candy at the gas station. This can also include the grand romantic gesture of doing a simple household chore such as the dishes. She’ll be swooning for you in no time!

3.) Be The Knight

No, we aren’t talking about the moon and stars. We’re talking about being there and saving her when she needs it. Even the strongest ladies need some help once in awhile. Carry super glue for her broken heel (or nail). Fix her flat tire. When she forgets her lunch in the morning, have food delivered to her work.

With these three new moves, the romance and butterflies will flare back up to propel your relationship to the next level.

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