Do you have some friends who stay annoyingly happy in relationships, while others seem to go through a string of dismal failures and breakups? Have you ever wondered what makes the difference? It's not just the luck of the draw. There really are some things that those people who are great at relationships do differently. Here are a few tips.

1.) They Understand Give And Take.

Some people are not good at compromising, and never want to give in on anything they want. Some relationships are unbalanced, with one person giving and giving, while the other person primarily takes. A healthy relationship involves a balance of give and take by both people. This doesn't mean that it will always be equal. There is a flow in a relationship, and sometimes you may be the person who is giving more, while other times you are the person receiving more. Over the long term though, you need to be able to both give and take in order to make the relationship work.

2.) They Don't Project Onto Their Partners.

Projection is such a common problem that it affects a majority of relationships. The problem is that we see things through our own perspective, and then project that onto our partner. All of us have our own flaws and insecurities, and without even realizing what is happening, we sometimes start to project those onto the other person. This can cause a disconnect between reality and perception, and it can leave you putting undue expectations on your partner. If you can leave projection behind, your relationship will be healthier.

3.) They Communicate Honestly.

Open and authentic communication is a requirement for a strong relationship. It can be scary to open up and say what you really think, or ask for what you need. It often feels safer to just keep your mouth shut and go along with someone else, but until you can share your feelings honestly, your relationship can only go so far. Develop enough trust in your partner so that each of you feels you can talk openly about what you think, need and desire.

4.) They Frequently Laugh Together.

There is nothing like a good laugh to improve your mood and make you feel better about life. When your partner has a sense of humor that can make you laugh, your life can be immeasurably more fun. When the two of you can share a laugh at some strange happening, you grow closer together, and it can turn the strain of a problem into a shared experience that you'll both remember forever.

5.) They Are Open To Love.

People who are good at relationships are good at love. They love themselves, and they love their partners. They love their family, and they love their friends. They are not afraid to show that they care. They have learned to break down the protective walls that we all put up at some time, in order to be able to open up their heart to love. This is what can make a relationship great.