Nothing makes the winter season more fun than hitting the slopes for a long day of snowboarding and skiing, so it makes sense that many young people are trying to fit this hobby into their regular school year as well. Across the United States there is a wide assortment of Universities and Colleges with prime conditions for nurturing a future ski or snowboarding champion. Many of these academic institutions offer clubs, prime ski locations, and even academic credit for their time on the mountains. Let's take a look at 5 of the best colleges in the United States for the ski enthusiast.

1.) The University of Washington

This is one of the oldest universities located along the west coast of the United States. Nestled deep in the city of Seattle, there are 21 different varsity teams for students to choose from, including the Huskies ski team, which enjoys Whistler, Mt. Hood and Mt. Baker for their snow-capped excursions. The Huskies practice four days a week at the Summit at Snoqualmie on school nights and provide free lessons for young skiers who are new to the sport and looking to get better. Washington nurtures ski and snowboarding students of all levels, helping them grow in skill and confidence at every turn.

2.) Montana State University

With more than 14,000 different students calling Montana State home, this has quickly become one of the most well regarded colleges for those who love to shred fresh powder. Nestled in the town of Bozeman, the Alpine and Nordic ski teams of this college love to enroll in the Intercollegiate Skiing Association and have more than 13 national championships under their belt. This is a school recognized for their skiers, which is easily seen on the college website where Montana State proudly announces their school to be in a prime location for those who enjoy the snowy activities that come along with the territory.

3.) Boise State University

Boise has a one hundred and seventy acre campus with more than 20,000 students roaming the halls each year. With hundreds of groups to be involved in, the community is proud to recognize The Boise State Ski and Snowboard Club, which welcomes members of all levels and expertise in skiing.

4.) University of Colorado

The University of Colorado at Boulder has won 18 out of 24 NCAA ski championships, and of their 34 different intercollegiate clubs, their ski club is known throughout the state as one of the best in the United States.

5.) University of Utah

Very close to Salt Lake City, the University of Utah is located a short distance to some of the most highly regarded ski slopes in the United States. The school has more than 30,000 students each year, and promotes their Utes ski team as one of the best. The Utes have won 11 NCAA championships, and have finished in second place for the past three years in a row. Currently the club includes 1000 snow boarders, skiers, and sliding snow members who have a passion for new snow and fast mountains.