Do you want to further your education but have a full time job, children, or just don't have time to spend the next two to four years in college? Many working mothers, fathers, and even high school graduates prefer taking classes online versus sitting in a classroom full of students. These types of individuals are choosing to earn an Online Associates Degree to further their careers as professionals.

There are a number of colleges and universities offering online associates degree programs, giving people who otherwise couldn't attend college the option of earning a degree at their disposal. Online associates degree programs will save you more time and money than attending a university. By avoiding paying for housing, textbooks, and spending hours in packed classrooms to complete your courses, you will find an online program to better suit your busy schedule.

The best thing about earning an online associate's degree is that you can still hold a job, spend time with your family, and complete your coursework at your own pace and convenience. Also most online colleges and universities don't have registration deadlines like you would have if you were taking courses on campus. With that said, you can get started as soon as possible or at a later time if you wish.

Choosing An Online University Or College:

There are a large variety of online universities and colleges that offer online associates degree programs. Before you choose which one is right for you, do a little research to find out what kind of scholarships and financial aid they offer, make sure they have courses for the field you are planning on going in to, and see if they offer tutoring or online support. These are key when deciding on choosing an online school.

Some online universities such as The University of Phoenix have an enrollment adviser who, helps you choose your course of study and walks you through the enrollment process. Also a financial adviser will help you find scholarships, financial aid, and other funds available to you. To help with college costs, an academic adviser will help you map out your course of study and will check in with you from time to time to make sure you are staying on track and like the courses you initially chose.

The University of Phoenix's online associates degree program also have flexible times to study, so you can study when it is convenient for you. Other colleges such as Colorado Technical Institute (C.T.U) are designed to allow you to further your education after you receive your associate's degree by giving you an option to continue into their bachelor's degree programs. C.T.U also has online chat representatives who can answer any questions you have about enrollment or classes at any time.

These are just a couple of great colleges in the vast pool of schools to choose from. Take your time and explore your options to ensure you make the best choice for you and your future.

Deciding What Program Is Right For You:

When determining which online associates degree program is right for you, take into consideration whether or not the field you are choosing is something that will keep your interest. What the salary is for the field you are interested in, how many job openings there are in that field, and how much job security you will have. Some programs may be better for you than others in terms of salary and job security.

Here are three of the top programs:

Healthcare Administration:

The healthcare industry is one of the most stable. Think about it, every person in the world has had to see a doctor or clinician at some point and there is always someone in the office to check them in before they see the doctor. Healthcare administration may not pay as much as being an actual physician but is still a very rewarding career with decent pay.

Criminal Justice:

There will never be a shortage of work in the Criminal Justice field. Police officers and law enforcement are always needed to stop crime and protect people so job security is high. Online courses for this field can include anything from administrative duties, to actually training to be a police officer. Also you may have classes such as: technology, forensics, and criminology.

Graphic Design:

If you are an artist who enjoys working with computers an associate's degree program in Graphic Design may be the route you want to take. Graphic designers are in high demand in all industries and at all times. There are many different associates degree programs that allow you to earn a degree in just a matter of months in this field.

No matter what online associates degree program you choose to pursue you have many options as far as what field you want to earn a degree in and what university you want to attend.

Knowing that you can earn your associates degree online even if you are a mother, or father with a full time job is very easing. All you have to do now is a little research and get enrolled.

Good luck furthering your education!