You can obtain an online criminal justice degree instead of having to attend traditional schooling. However, if you decide to change your mind and go back to a traditional university your credits should be able to transfer from your online university; however double check before moving forward with this transferring process.

The best way to make sure that your criminal justice courses will transfer is to call up the other university you are thinking about transferring to. You can then ask your online university if their courses transfer to a traditional university and which universities accept their criminal justice degree program requirements for the full transferral of credits. This is the only way to find out what courses will transfer and therefore which courses you should take from your online school.

Many students decide on not transferring to a traditional school because they do not want the extra hassle of figuring out what credits from their criminal justice degrees will transfer over. Moreover, you can end up losing quite a few credits and having to re-take coursework already previously completed from your online university which is a huge pain and waste of money. Plus, if you transfer to an actual on-campus location you can lose the flexibility you have in your schedule to complete the coursework on your own clock.

This can interfere with your job and any internship the online university would offer you in your chosen field. Worse yet if you transfer at the end of your degree you can end up paying more money to an on-campus facility because many of them only take a small percentage of your criminal justice degree program courses whether it is an online or traditional school.

Some of the many criminal justice degree jobs include influential positions such as a parole/probation officer where you monitor prisoners that are released back into society. Another career option for this line of work is a police detective. Yet, another one is a corrections officer where you can go up the ranks to as a warden in the prison system. This role will require more education than an associate degree so you might have to go back to the college at some point depending on your career trajectory.

You can find alot of online universities that offer a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice if you look around. This will make your life quite easier if you are currently working somewhere and you just want to get your education completed. Many working American’s are already choosing the online universities over traditional schooling because of the flexible days and times as well as the cost savings involved in attending there.

The advantage of obtaining your criminal justice degree is that there are always jobs open somewhere, even if it isn't your dream position right away. It is an experience that you can build on where a lot of the positions are unionized, which means you get good pay and benefits with solid backing. Just be sure to research online schools before enrolling.