Are you someone who appreciates fashion and business altogether? Did you know that there are degree programs that allow you to combine the two?

Even though hundreds of clothes may be made, they wouldn’t sell if they weren’t put on store shelves and marketed to targeted audiences. So in truth, fashion cannot survive without business.

This is where fashion merchandising comes in. What is fashion merchandising, you may ask? Fashion merchandising refers to the business side of fashion.

To thrive in this career, you should be a person who has a good eye and taste for fashion, but have the mind of a business person. Fashion merchandising degrees aim students with the necessary skills for buying, selling, marketing and pricing of different fashion items and accessories.

If you are interested in a degree in fashion merchandising, there are certain skills you are required to have. One of them is that you will need to be good at doing research on current and future fashion market trends. You will often need to predict what the next fashion trend will be and make purchases and stock garments accordingly.

As a fashion merchandiser, it will also be your job to determine what kind of fashion garments a store should stock. Ideally, this will be most effective after you have done your research on what will be trending in the future. A degree in fashion merchandising will teach you what kinds of clothes are stocked in a high-end chic boutique, and which ones are stocked at an affordable trendy store.

Fashion merchandising schools will also teach you how to talk to manufacturers and suppliers, and how to come to an agreement on the pricing of different garments. You will need to be assertive and aggressive, yet tactful in how you convince the suppliers and manufacturers to sell you the garments at a price within your budget. It is important to have, and work within a predetermined budget.

Fine arts degrees, particularly in fashion merchandising, will teach you on the best way to create a budget with maximum profit in mind. Once you attain a fashion merchandising degree, you will learn how to sell clothes to the right audience; having studied their tastes, buying habits and affordability.

The best way to study for a degree in fashion merchandising would be by specializing in one particular area. Some students choose to specialize in buying, others in selling, while still some prefer to specialize in stocking and pricing. Some prefer to combine everything as opposed to doing just one thing.

Career opportunities for fashion merchandizing degree holders mostly lie in the fashion industry. You can be employed by retail stores, manufacturers, as well as wholesalers. You also have the option of working for either high-end fashion boutiques or mainstream fashion stores.

Employment isn’t the only option you have as you can choose to set up your own fashion store. You will be putting your skills to use because you will be required to purchase and sell garments, but at the same time, you will be your own boss.