Do you have a flair for fashion? Do you appreciate fabrics, cuts, and fashion designers? Do you also happen to have good managerial skills? Did you know that fashion retail courses give you the chance to be involved in fashion but still practice good managerial skills?

As a fashion retail manager, you will be responsible for running a fashion store or retail company. Your main responsibility would be to make sure your store makes the maximum profit while minimizing any costs incurred, as well as having some sort of say in what retail you make and sell.

A retail manager also has to ensure that there is top performance from the staff, as well as maximum satisfaction for customers. In fashion retail management you may have extra responsibilities depending on how large the store you’re managing is.

Extra duties may include: information technology, customer care services, finance, and logistics. Throughout your career you would be expected to analyze sales and figures, respond to customer complaints, promote the company, motivate the team, ensure high standards are met, and more. A few skills you will need for the job are assertive decision making and excellent communication skills, among many.

The fun thing is that you can feed your passion for fashion while still maintaining a professional front. You do not have to be glued to the store only. Other employment opportunities offered in this field include, analyzing marketing trends, and helping advertisers come up with properly targeted ad campaigns.

You can also be the go-to person designers want to hire to help implement their business plans. As you can see, having a retail management degree will offer you different opportunities to employ, as well as be employed. You can easily set up your own fashion boutique or be employed by a company in the fashion industry. Additionally, you can also offer your freelance services to clients at a fee of your choice.

To get a degree in fashion retailing, you can enroll in a university or college of your choice. Numerous institutions offer fashion and retail management programs. You can also consider getting your degree online. There are different types of degrees in fashion retailing available. There are associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fashion and Retail Management.

Most companies will take you if you have a fashion and retail management degree at a bachelor’s level. Very few will take if you only have an associate’s degree. However, there are some cases of companies hiring individuals based on their previous work experiences despite their not holding any degree in fashion retailing.

As a fashion retail manager, you will be expected to put in 38-50 hours each week. This is for full time retailers. However, if you want to work part time, you could possibly work in the evenings and over the weekends. The amount of money you will be paid will depend on different factors such as your level of expertise, your work experience, as well as the company itself. An added advantage is that there are usually bonuses once you and your team are able to hit a certain sales targets or profit numbers.