Curious about Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription Degrees? Below we will break down Medical Billing, Coding & Transcription and discuss finding the best course programs offered by different universities so you can choose which program will be best suitable for you and your needs.

In medical billing, a health care service is transformed into a billing application or claim whereas in medical coding, descriptions of medical diagnosis and procedures are transformed into the universal medical code numbers. Medical transcription on the other hand is transcribing audio recordings of patients’ reports done by doctors into written reports.

Medical billers and medical coders are both involved in the processing of payments for medical services as well as for medical health insurance claims. Medical billers gather all data regarding the bill. They prepare claims for insurances and the bills of patients. Other duties may include charging entry, submitting claims, posting of payments, making follow ups from insurance companies as well as making follow ups on patients.

They have a constant communication with doctors to verify diagnosis and other related information which they need for billing claims. It is essential that they are familiar with medical terminologies, anatomy and physiology, and should know how to read medical records. Medical coders on the other hand do the sorting, filing, and keeping of patients’ records.

They must have a profound understanding of anatomy and medical terminologies as well as the different type of insurance plans, rules, and policies together with their respective codes and guidelines in order to assign codes to different patient’s diagnosis and procedure with the use of classification system software.

A medical transcriptionist does the transcribing of audio recordings of doctors’ reports regarding a patient. They should be computer literate as well as possess fast and accurate typing skills.

Medical billing and coding degrees may come in a diploma, certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree form. To be able to obtain a certificate or diploma in medical billing and coding, you need to complete a program which usually takes nine months to one year.

A lot of medical billing and coding online schools are available and choosing which school to attend is not as difficult as it may seem. Doing some research and reading reviews of these medical billing and coding online schools will help you determine which school will be best for you.

You may consider the reputation of the schools and their affordability as well.  From there, you may check the medical billing and coding online degree programs the school offers.  By carefully assessing your preferences, your capabilities, interests and budget, you may choose the medical billing and coding online degree programs in which you want to enroll.

Associate degree on both medical billing and coding covers general education in their curriculum and usually takes two years to finish.  Medical coders usually have finished an associate degree by then. If you prefer to apply for a managerial position, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in medical billing and coding.

However, aside from general education, several programs regarding health information as well as health care administration are also part of the curriculum of a bachelor’s degree in medical billing and coding which usually takes four years to finish. Once a bachelor’s degree is earned, graduates of both medical billing and coding will have an edge in finding better job positions.