This is a degree that does not have any major. You don’t specialize in any subject. In most colleges and universities, the degree is known as the ‘undeclared major’.

Due to its non-specific nature, the degree is feared by many students; however if you would like to pursue your college degree without specializing in any course, then this is the right program for you. Just be very aware of the consequences that may lie ahead.

Unlike other degrees that require you to concentrate on given classes, this degree is earned by taking courses from different classes and in different fields. A general education degree is for those students who want to acquire a broader education, rather than pursuing a specific college degree.

Education Degree Types:

The most common general education degree is the bachelor’s degree; however, other degrees such as the masters and the general education associates degree are also awarded. The general education associates degree and the bachelor’s degree prepares you for a masters degree while the masters degree prepares you for your PhD degree.

Many students opt to study the general degree at the undergraduate level and transfer to more specific courses during their masters, while other students pursue the general degree in line with other specific minors. For example, in addition to the general education degree, a student may take several business classes.

You can take the classes using the conventional method of attending classes or you can take the classes online. In recent times, online education degrees have become the norm. This is because many students are opting for these online classes due to the many benefits of online courses.

General education degree online is most preferred by students who are either in full time jobs or those who don’t like attending the conventional classes.

When pursuing the general degree, you should expect to take courses with a broad range of subjects. For example you will study courses in math, history, health, and geography.

Benefits of Education Degrees:

Whether you pursue the general education degree online or offline, you are prepared to work in various areas. Some of the general education degree jobs include: teaching and writing.

Also, due to vast knowledge that one gets while undertaking the course, general education degree graduates can fit in geography, health sciences, and music among many other fields.

Drawbacks of Education Degrees:

Although the coursework is good since it teaches you many skills, when you want to pursue a subject-specific course, some institutions refuse to transfer credit. Therefore, if you would like to graduate with another degree, you should check with your institution to check if they will transfer credit for you.

Another drawback of the degree is that due to the non-specialization and the flexibility offered by the program, it can lead to confusion for many students; as students may lose focus of their career goals.

To ensure that you don’t lose focus of your goals, you should always have a reason why you want to pursue the general course instead of the more specific coursework.

That’s what a general education degree is. If your career goals are tied to this degree, then you should apply.