The Best 5 Online Bachelor’s Degrees For 2014

By Janice Larsen
Updated August 20, 2014
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The Best 5 Online Bachelor’s Degrees For 2014The benefits of obtaining a college education cannot be understated, especially in the competitive job market of today. The income difference between students with a bachelor’s degree versus those with only a high school diploma is a staggering 84% according to an article by US News, and the unemployment rate for workers without a four-year degree is substantially higher.

The cost of education is significant, which is why an abundance of fully online class offerings have emerged across the country offering online bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and even doctorate degrees. There are many options to choose from, and a student just graduating from high school or an adult wanting to return to school to enhance his or her marketability in the workforce may not know the best online bachelor’s degree to invest their time and money into.

According to an article by U.S. News, the best online bachelor’s degrees are ranked as follows:

1.) Business
2.) Education
3.) Nursing
4.) Engineering
5.) Computer Information Technology

The benefits to choosing one of the best online bachelor’s degrees are that you will be gaining valuable skills that will translate directly into possible job opportunities in the most rapidly floursing industries. The business, education, health care, engineering and IT industries are booming despite of relative economic stagnation. Also they have been known to offer the greatest possibility for financial and professional success in the workforce.

Students wishing to expand their resume, skill acquisition, and experience would be best off to explore the best online bachelor’s degrees as a possible pathway to elevating their income and enhancing their professionalism.

Other benefits that go along with investing in an online education are the relative ease with which you can organize your life around schooling, successfully maintaining an existing job, as well as a family, and balanced lifestyle. Perhaps the greatest benefit is probably the cost.

Online bachelor’s degree programs are significantly less expensive than attending a traditional university or college. Without the added overhead that comes along when enrolling in a traditional university, choosing an online bachelor’s degree program will free up your time, and your pocket book. You will graduate from an online bachelor’s degree program without thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt and you can jump right into the workforce utilizing your newly acquired degree and skills.

According to a recent report, online course enrollment in the United States hit an unprecedented high of 8 million students, nearly doubling from 2007. Institutions across the country are expanding their online courses each year to provide a greater variety for students seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce with a competitive edge. According to school administrators of both public and private institutions, ongoing development of online bachelor’s programs as well as master’s and doctorate offerings, will continue to be developed as our world nears a future of advanced technology.

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