Unemployment is often told to be due to lack of education. Some employed individuals who want to continue education are hesitant because they just cannot take a leave of absence. They may be supporting a family at the moment, and simply cannot afford to resign from their position or quit.

This is where online education becomes a great way to acquire learning without taking a leave of absence from work.

Below are the top ten online associate degrees which we ranked, based on salary:

1.) Radiation Therapy

Associate degree in Radiation Therapy provides education on how to make assessment of a patient’s condition within a clinical environment. Moreover, students are taught how to administer radiation therapy on patients as recommended by the patient’s physician. Knowledge and skills on how to prepare the patient as well as the equipment for the radiation therapy will be learned when acquiting this degree. Furthermore, you may be able to assist in the review of diagnosis of the patient as well as how to determine the dosages of radiation on a patient. However, due to extensive hands on training, there is still a need for some in-person labs. The average salary of a radiation therapist is roughly $78,290 per year.

2.) Nuclear Medicine Technology

Among the top ten online associate degrees is nuclear medicine technology. The course program teaches you about nuclear medicine and radioactive materials. Under this program, students are taught how to prepare and administer radioactive drugs on patients when they are undergoing a scan.  The average salary of a nuclear medicine technologist who generally works in a hospital is $68,560 per year.

3.) Dental Hygiene

Another associate’s degree which is on top ten online associate’s degree list is dental hygiene. As people grow more concerned of their dental health, the demand for dental health workers has greatly increased. The salary of a dental hygienist is averaging $68,250 per year.

4.) Nuclear Engineering

An associate degree in nuclear engineering provides learning regarding the theories fundamental to nuclear power generating terminals. Graduates of this degree will find employment as nuclear technicians who make an average salary of $62,090 per year. Laboratories are the working environment of most nuclear technicians.

5.) Aviation

A graduate of an associate’s degree in aviation with a couple of flight training certificates could already find employment as a commercial pilot. The average salary of a commercial pilot is roughly $67,500 per year.

6.) Electronics and Computer Technology

Students under this course will be taught and trained to have great analytical skills as well as strong hands-on skills which are needed in testing, modifying, designing, and integrating hardware and software into complex electronic systems such as computers. Graduates of this course can find employment as electrical engineers and electronic technicians. Their average salary per year is $65,230 and can reach as high as $84,490 per year, based on the technicality of the field.

7.) Nursing

Associate’s degree in nursing is among the top ten online associate’s degrees. The demand for nurses will never go down. Nursing belongs to one of the most stable industries, in the entire world. The salary of a nurse per year is averaging at $64,690 and can even increase up to $95,130 per year. If you decide to go into Nursing, you should know that you will always be able to find employment.

8.) Fashion Design

Fashion Design graduates can receive an average income of $64,530 and can even earn up to $130,890 per year. Fashion designers can work in retail, or work for magazines and online websites. There is endless opportunity with a degree in Fashion Design.

9.) Medical Ultrasonography

Graduates of medical ultrasonography can find employment as diagnostic medical sonographer and can earn an average of $64,380 per year or up to $88,490 per year.

10.) Aerospace Engineering

And last but not the least of the top ten online associate degrees is that of Aerospace engineering. Graduates of this degree can become aerospace technicians and could earn an average income of $58,080 up to $87,860 per year.