The Top 10 Online Masters Degrees In 2014

By Janice Larsen
Updated August 20, 2014
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The Top 10 Online Masters Degrees In 2014These days it is encouraging how many options there are available to students seeking to advance their higher education. Moreover, with a huge increase in online course offerings provided by many institutions both private and public, obtaining a masters degree is much easier and convenient than it used to be.

The popularity of online education programs is no doubt linked to the significantly lower cost and the relative ease with which students can assimilate their studies into an already full life of work and family.

According to a an article in Forbes Magazine, the U.S. unemployment rate is roughly 7.6%. With thousands of fresh college grads beyond ready to enter the workforce, an online masters degree will put you ahead of your competition. Rather than jumping directly in the work force, many students will defer to investigate graduate school programs in an effort to enhance their hire ability.

As they explore their master’s degree options, a large percentage of students are seeking online possibilities to obtain their higher education. Based on lower cost compared to non-online institutions, as well as their ability to take classes while still maintaining jobs and family commitments, an online degree makes sense in many ways.

Out of the multiple options one has to choose from when considering going back to school for a master’s degree, we've listed off the Top 10 Online Masters Degree Programs below.

1.) Business
2.) Education
3.) Nursing
4.) Engineering
5.) Computer Information Technology or (IT)
6.) Computer Science

7.) Health & Rehabilitation
8.) Occupational Therapy
9.) Public Health
10.) Arts Computing & Education

The benefit to choosing one of these Top 10 Online Masters Degrees are endless.

You will have access to increased knowledge in the field of your choice, which will make you more desirable as a future employee. You will also obtain skills that are elevated above those offered in typical undergraduate degree program and have access to information and experience that will make you stand out beside a potential candidate for a job.

Obtaining a master’s degree, online or at a traditional institution, is a solid step in the right direction of career advancement and ongoing professional success. It is a financial investment that will reap great rewards. Exploring one of the Top 10 Online Masters Degrees will not only advance your career further down the road, but will save you a significant amount of money in the process when factoring in costs of doing online vs. offline.

Choosing one of the Top 10 Online Masters Degrees is easier than ever when considering how many institutions offer courses and programs. Your educational journey towards one of the Top 10 Online Masters Degree Programs is just a click away and you can easily be on your way to increased knowledge, newly acquired skills, valuable information, and most likely higher income.

Online education is a viable and highly valuable option in this day in age. Before you commit to a master’s program at a pricey university or college, give one of the Top 10 Online Masters Degree Programs above some consideration to set yourself up for future success.

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