Considering to pursue a doctoral degree is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make on behalf of your career. It’s a decision based on years of academic effort and commitment to take your education to the highest possible level. It’s a significant financial investment, as well as substantial time and energy, and should be given careful thought and consideration. It is a great honor, bestowed upon those students truly committed to their course of study and who seek to make their academic efforts, into their life’s work and passion.

In the past, time and money were the two largest deterrents for students considering whether or not to obtain their doctorate degree; but with the ever-expanding presence of online course and program offerings, there is no better time to explore the possibility of taking your education to the next level.

Many schools offer online PhD programs in a myriad of fields, however there are some fields currently highlighted as being the most sought after for doctorate degrees.

According to a US News Article, the top five online doctorate programs are as follows:

1.) Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)

2.) Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

3.) Doctor of Education (PhD)

4.) Doctor of Public Health (PhD)

5.) Doctor of Information Technology (PhD)

The popularity of these top five online doctorate degrees is directly linked to the fact that they are related to many of the fastest growing fields in the country, and in fact the world. It is no surprise that graduate students are eagerly seeking their PhD’s in these top five online doctorate fields in an effort to boost their credibility in the workforce within their chosen professions. They are looking for online doctorate programs as viable options for their continued education since the cost is significantly lower than that of a traditional institution. By choosing an online program, they are able to manage their existing jobs and families with relative ease, given the flexibility and convenience of online course offerings.

More institutions than ever before are jumping on the bandwagon of providing a wider and greater variety of online courses and degree options for PHD programs. The top five online doctorate degrees are available through numerous educational institutions, and can provide students with the education and tools they will need to become a professional in their field of choice. Considering one of the top five online doctorate degrees will ensure that you are investing your time, money and energy into fields and industries guaranteed to deliver a promising career.

Take some time to explore your online doctorate degree options so that you know what is available to you at this exciting time in your educational career. What better time to invest in yourself, your career and your future?