Online university degree programs are the product of the ever increasing internet connectivity. Without the internet, the new development would not have been possible. It is worth noting that there are institutions, especially those of higher learning, that do not necessitate physical presence of their students. This is to say that their programs are purely software-centric. There are other institutions, however, that offer a mixture of the conventional classroom learning and online programs.

Students pursuing an online degree largely or entirely, communicate with their instructors through website-enabled channels, including chat rooms and classroom discussion threads.

One of the many factors that has continued to increase the popularity of online university degree programs is convenience. With conventional classroom learning, students have to be in their campus physically and on a regular basis. This means that if a student misses several classes, for whatever reason, they are likely to be penalized. With online learning though, students do not have to be physically present during a lecture. The new mode of learning, thus, is suitable for those who find themselves with tight work schedules. Students faced with medical or social problems will also find the online university degree option viable, simply because they can learn from the comfort of their homes.

It is also worthwhile to note that the flexible nature of online university degrees allow students who are past the permissible studying age to access the program. This category of learners may include retirees who may not be in a position to do anything worthwhile besides staying at home.

Another fact that makes online university degree programs tick is that the programs allow students to study while retaining their daytime jobs. Before the invention of the online programs, night classes were quite popular. However, the classes were quite tedious and most employers did not advocate for them because they made employees less productive during the day. The online program, luckily, allows students to work at their own pace or rate. In other words, it is stress free and can, in most cases, be adjusted to meet specific students’ needs.

Online university degree programs are also cheaper to earn than traditional degrees. The cheapness being referred to here, however, is not that of effortlessly acquiring a degree. Simply put, online university degrees are cheaper in monetary terms compared to traditional degrees. While students traveling to a campus have to pay several fees, including gas, parking, and baby care fees; students studying from a location of their own comfort can possibly avoid these.

Lastly, online university programs have in the recent past become the 'in thing'. Thanks to the internet, students can study at their own speed, from the comfort of their homes, at a cheaper rate that what students taking conventional programs pay. Online university degree programs don't require students to give up their job or study at night, all in the name of acquiring a degree.