It is no secret that a college education can be quite costly. Many who choose to get student loans are often strapped with costly bills that they will be paying for the better part of their adult life. To avoid this, many students look to other sources for financial aid in the form of federal grants for students. The beauty of these programs is that as long as you meet the needed requirements, there is no need for the money to be repaid.

These funds are made available to students based on a number of factors including their financial need, choice of study, and/or your performance in school. While these are usually the primary factors, there may be other requirements that must be met.

Where To Find A List of Federal Grants For Students

There are a number of places where you can find a list of federal grants for students. You might want to start your search online with a number of free websites that provide you with a detailed list of government programs you could apply for. These websites will provide you with a full description of each of their programs, list eligibility requirements, and the application process.

Another valuable source for information about federal grants could come directly from your school. Meeting with your school counselor or college advisor could put you in touch with many grant programs that you may never hear of otherwise.


Finding the right grant to help the college-bound students get their funding requires careful research. After you've done the legwork, including speaking to your advisors and online search, you have to choose which program matches your needs best. The US Department of Education could be a good starting point but their grants are issued based on a number of factors.

Based On Need: Students with the highest need for financial aid can take advantage of need-based grants, which are issued to those students with the highest need for financial support. These types of grants are offered to all students but they are usually awarded to those who need the most financial help.

Merit-Based: Merit-based grants are available to those students who choose to major in an area of critical need: science, technology, foreign languages, or engineering, or mathematics.

Study Abroad: There are also programs for students who are hoping to travel to a foreign country to study their language and culture. These are often awarded to those students who choose to study in countries where learning that nation's language and culture would provide a benefit to our own government's national security.

Course Specific: There is also a list of grants that are course specific and geared towards very specific career goals. While they fall under federal grants they may also be in conjunction with specific universities, private organizations, or professional associations.

Finding a student grant may be the only way many people will be able to pursue an academic career. By taking the time to carefully research these lists it may be possible for many students to accomplish their goal of achieving a higher education.