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By Bob Gockeler
Updated January 7, 2016
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All About Free Online Homeschool‎If you are like other parents who are considering the alternative educational option of keeping your children out of the usual classroom-based system, you may find yourself asking, "What about free online homeschool?"

Homeschooling has been around for centuries but different governing laws affect it depending on which country, state or province you reside in. While it is far less popular to use the home school as a means of obtaining education today, many parents turn to this method due to special circumstances, special needs, or personal beliefs and morals. Having a curriculum in place, which is not only helpful, but inexpensive can be extremely beneficial for parents who choose this lifestyle for their children.

Materials and Time:

If you are wondering why would you need to consider a free online homeschool, you aren't the only one, and many of the websites offering curriculums of this kind provide an FAQ page which answers such questions. Many of the sites provide access to reading exercises, project and experiment instructions, and homework questions free of charge, but parents will need to supply paper, pencils, and items necessary to complete projects and experiments.

All that it requires in most instances is the time to complete the curriculum. Unlike those who have chosen homeschooling in past decades, the internet has made it far easier to not only give your child the information that he or she requires to succeed in school, but also the same types of questions and data that other children of similar age are learning.

Age Appropriate Learning:

Just like in a regular classroom, these home teaching solutions are broken down into years, allowing parents to select questions from pre-kindergarten up to grade eight on some websites. Other websites may only go to grade six, dividing elementary, junior high school, and high school years into separate categories on completely separate websites.

This also offers parents the chance to skip ahead and see what their children will be learning next, or to influence their children to take on more advanced projects and learning.

Subjects And Timelines:

Wondering about the schedules for free online homeschool? Different websites will give you different options for learning. Some breakdown their courses into morning and afternoon work, while others allow you to take each class one step at a time, and at your own pace.

Subjects taken up through online learning include History, Math, Science, Creative Writing, Art, Languages, and sometimes Religion. Due to the fact that many homeschoolers turn to this style of teaching as a way to keep the Bible in the classroom, there is a large selection of websites which cater to Christian teachings for homeschooling parents.

Other courses offered through some online homeschool curriculum guide sites include Music, English, and even Physical Education.

Meeting State Regulations:

When homeschooling, you may be able to tweak some of what your child is learning, but ultimately he or she will need to know what the other kids are learning as well. For this reason many states implement testing, which must be completed by each student at various points throughout their education.

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