What To Know About Online Home School Programs‎

By Doug Fretton
Updated December 18, 2015
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What To Know About Online Home School Programs‎People who undergo home schooling may want to consider options that offer a slightly more structured curriculum. Online home school programs offer exactly that. While they do require a tuition fee, students receive a number of very important benefits in return. These include the curriculum itself, record keeping, accreditation, tutoring or teacher options, course counseling, academic diagnostic tools, access to achievement testing, umbrella strength, and the fact that the standards expected of the national curriculum are included.

Additionally, while it is true that online home school programs cost money, parents do also get some savings by choosing to school this way. For instance, they will have lower transportation costs and they don't have to pay for school lunches, which are often unhealthy as well. Depending on the school a child would otherwise have gone to, parents may also save money by not having to buy a uniform. Then, there is the fact that a significant amount of time is saved as well, because parents no longer have to take their children to and from school, attend meetings and more. Since time is money, this is in fact another savings.

Naturally, when it comes to a child's education, finances are generally not the main consideration for parents. Rather, they want to make sure that their children learn the best they possibly can, and perform the work they are supposed to do on time. By choosing online home school programs, the children will always complete sufficient quality work to be on par with mainstream schooled children.

Do Not Start Until Third Grade

It is recommended not to start with an online home school program until the children have at least reached the third grade. This is because their hands have not been sufficiently developed to use a computer keyboard. Additionally, if children use a computer too often when they are too young, they are likely to form bad habits. This is why a lot of the work should continue to be paper-based, not in the least because this will develop penmanship. Most parents will wait until their children are in middle school before they choose to go with online programs.

Keyboard Training

It is also recommended to wait until the children are able to take part in a keyboard training program at least three times each week. After they have done so for a few months, they should be able to start with the online programs. If your children are able to use a keyboard without having to constantly look at it, they will be ready to start on their online work without any distractions. Keyboard training is very important and should be completed aside from the overall home school program.

A final benefit is that some online programs also offer paper-based programs alongside their online program. This means that the children could start before third grade, but also that they can continue to become more proficient in handwriting after that level. This is very important particularly if there is a chance that the children will enter mainstream education at a later stage.

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