Catering is service that consists of providing prepared food at various locations such as restaurants, parties, hotels, and even to private homes. Catering and cooking training is appropriate for individuals who aspire to learn the essential skills to become a successful culinary specialist, and discover the ins and outs of the food industry.

Catering students are able to choose online learning courses that are designed to cover the basic and necessary skills to enter their careers in the food and catering industry.

Culinary and catering training will help one to build up the skills required for a number of hospitality employment positions which engage in planning and preparing food, and also to help in boosting one’s confidence in cooking, presentation, and the choice of food. The training is considered suitable for learners in school or college, and may be full time or part time ranging from 14 – 19 years old.

The culinary and catering courses mainly focus on providing an individual with systematic appreciation of ideologies covering the management of the total customer experience in resorts restaurants, and hotels. One can find plenty of opportunities to allow his or her passion for the culinary arts to prosper.

The curriculum of culinary training is typically designed to offer one with critical information of food products, beverages, wines, fundamental business skills, and an knowledge of the culinary and catering industry. It also includes more highly developed areas of learning such as revenue management training, culinary management training, and marketing training for the restaurant and catering industries.

Catering schools can be often found as a division or department within a culinary institute, centering mainly around catering. Catering schools present the catering training courses as the core part of art and culinary. The fundamental part of the courses includes classes in nutrition, chemistry, and also technique. Classes specifically for catering are included to complete the course of study. And no culinary arts training would be complete without real world, hands-on experience. 

Many of the catering school students will have the chance to try their hand at the craft a lot of times while still in school before they move on to the professional world. Training includes certification in sanitation, basic culinary skills, knife skills, kitchen safety, mass food production, cook-chill technology training, and catering production.

Culinary and catering training has been developed by many online culinary schools to help the individual to develop skills vital for gourmet cooking and catering careers. To pursue comprehensive courses will provide one with the proficiency he or she requires for the achievement in the world of gourmet cooking and catering.

Since each lesson is offered online, one can also set his own pace, and learn when or where one chooses. It is also possible for one to pursue gourmet cooking and catering careers in as little as a few months which includes textbooks, workbooks, and other study materials.

In past fifty years, the catering industry has grown exponentially. There are various programs tailored at caterers-in-training in universities and culinary schools. One can choose the program best suited for them to fulfil their dream career in catering business.