A criminal justice degree program will be able to teach you an assortment of criminal and legal related skills and knowledge that will cover a variety of career options for you in the criminal justice field. The program teaches a medley of skills from basic corrections and deviance behaviors in the community to psychological forensics courses.

Some other common coursework involves: domestic violence, police investigation, violence and society, white collar crime, quantitative methods in criminal justice, and much more.

The skills you need to get the career you want in criminal justice are waiting for you. You can now get your criminal justice degree online through a wide variety of online classes and from an array of online universities. Most of the credits are transferrable to another traditional university if you choose to go that way later on; however double check with both universities before moving forward with this transferring process.

All of the schools online are accredited for the criminal justice field coursework. There are many fields and careers in criminal justice; however we will only cover the most common and sought after jobs in this article. Moreover, we will be discussing the following criminal justice careers: police detective, corrections officer, psychological forensics, and lastly parole or probation officer.

The course offerings that a degree in criminal justice can provide for you include the following criminal justice careers. Psychological forensics investigator where you collect evidence and then analyze the results based on certain crime cases. The evidence usually consists of DNA and other fibers in a crime scene as well as fingerprints. The degree teaches you the skills you will need to become a successful forensics specialist in the field.

Another career option in criminal justice is to become a police detective. This is one of the most recognized career options next to becoming a prison guard in a prison. A police detective is the main crime officer that is called to the scene of the crime before CSI or anyone else involved in the case. Their job is much like that of Law and Order on television. Here you will be collecting evidence and going to court hearings, therefore one of the course offerings you will want to take is American Government, Law & Society.

Lastly, you might want to consider taking this course: Judicial Law and Behavior or the American Legal System. Every one of these courses will prove useful in your criminal justice career option, as these courses are vital for your success in the field.

Another career decision or path you can take is the path of the parole or probation officer. Here you will be working with people who are released from jail or prison. You will be monitoring their progress towards rehabilitation and their overall lives. You may be required to assist them in finding housing and employment when they are released into society.

You also will be responsible for monitoring their drug use or non-drug use as the case may be and any reports that they were involved in illegal activities. You will have the power to determine if they are still fit to live in society or if they have broken their probation or parole which warrants them going back to prison or jail.