Top 10 Online Associate's Degree Programs For 2014

By Peter Thomas
Updated April 10, 2015
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Top 10 Online AssociateObtaining a higher education will enable any individual to find better employment. With limited financial capacity, an associates degree will make a huge difference. There are many associates degrees available online which give you the freedom to finish at your own pace, in the luxury of your own home.

To give you an idea as to what careers are in demand today, below are some of the best online associate’s degree programs in terms of job security and higher salary potential.

1.) Health Care Administration Program

The health care industry has proven to be stable at nearly all times. Anytime you go to health care institutions such as clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes, there are always people in need of some kind of medical treatment. Not even holidays can prevent someone from getting sick. Health care administration has high job security and pays extremely well. At any rate, health care administration is one of the best online associate degrees one can acquire.

2.) Criminal Justice Program

Like health care workers, the career in law enforcement is that of a steady one. Crimes can happen at any given time. Thus, there is also heavy job security in these fields as well. If your interest is being apart of law enforcement, then you should consider an online associate degree in criminal justice.  Some of the courses included in an online associate degrees are: criminal justice technology, criminology, and forensics.

3.) Nursing Program

An associate degree in Nursing, like in health care administration, has a continuing importance in today's society. Nursing professionals have a great job security advantage over other fields. Nurses are also always in demand around the world. An online associate degree in nursing will provide you a promising career after the completion of the program. Nursing graduates can generate a great salary as well.

4.) Dental Hygiene Program

Another field in the health care industry which has great job security as well is a dental hygienest. An associate degree in dental hygiene has shown growth and popularity because dental health awareness has grown large in elder people. More and more individuals pay attention their dental health than ever before. The truth is, many workers in the dental field are enjoying this fast growing career in the field of dental health. 

5.) Paralegal Studies Program

If you have any inclination to study law but time and financial constraints won't let you, consider taking up an online associates degree in paralegal studies. An associate degree in Paralegal studies will allow you to study law related subjects or courses even if you are not in a law school. When you have the time and money, you can continue your education in law and possibly become an attorney if you'd like.

6.) Computer Science Program

An associate degree in Computer science is also among the best online associates degrees. It can allow you to find employment as a computer support specialist who will provide assistance in computer related issues as well as trouble shooting. You can find employment in any offices that operate the use of computers.  

7.) Nuclear Engineering Program

Nuclear technicians with an associate degree in nuclear engineering tend to work in a lab setting. Their job includes monitoring equipment which uses nuclear physics and technology. You can take your online classes in nuclear engineering at any time if choosing an online degree, depending on what school you choose.

8.) Information Technology Program

Technology is evolving very fast; thus, students who would like to pursue an associate degree in information technology can find many employment opportunities after they graduate. The possibility of getting employed is much faster than other professional fields due to the advancements of modern technology. An online associates degree in information technology provides diversified coursework such as network system administration and visual communications to name a few.

9.) Graphic Design Program

If you love working with your computer and possess great skills in design, why not consider graphic design degree. An associates degree in graphic design is among the best online associates degrees you can get. The job security for graphic designers is very high as they are vital in many industries for any company with a website. An online associates degree in graphic design teaches students about color theory, digital imaging and much more.

10.) Medical Assisting Program

An associates degree in medical assisting is one great way to find employment faster. Just like any field in health care, it has high job security. Most fields in health care are in need of work force. Medical assistants can find employment in hospitals, doctor’s clinics, nursing homes, and other health institutions. Medical technology, and diagnostic procedures are included in the coursework of an online associates degree in medical assisting.

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