Top 5 Online Associate's Degree Programs In 2014

By Peter Thomas
Updated April 10, 2015
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Top 5 Online AssociateGone are the days that education is only obtained on a traditional college campus. Acquiring education online has gained an enormous amount of popularity over the last decade. Getting a degree online is becoming just as popular as getting a degree in a traditional university.

With limited budget and wanting to be able to work while you go to school, you might just want to consider getting an online associate's degree. When you are considering enrolling in an online associate's degree, you need to decide what degree program best suites you.

If you cannot determine that right away, below are the top five online associates degree programs that are ranked in order of popularity.

1.) Nursing

There is always a high demand for nurses or nursing graduates. The health care industry has always been stable and even increasing in popularity as well as importance. People nowadays have grown much more conscious of their health. The need for people working in health care industry such as nurses has always been at a high demand. An associate's degree in nursing will go a long way for your career. Nurses are the best support for doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care institutions. Their job is so expansive that they have become extremely valuable in the health care industry. Being able to provide quality service to those who are in need is already such a great feeling. Lastly, the entry level salary of a nurse with an associate degree is averaging around $52,700 per year.

2.) Computer Science Program

An associate degree in computer science is a prerequisite degree in many computer based courses. If you need to work right away, you may find employment as a computer support specialist. You can apply to many companies which use computers such as hospitals, schools, and businesses, to name a few. Actually, the possibilities are near endless. Computer support specialists provide support for computer and software that a business may use. They may also perform trouble shooting on computers in different offices. The average salary of a computer support specialist ranges from $29,624 to $48,664 per year.

3.) Nuclear Engineering Program

Nuclear Engineers need a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering. For graduates of an online associate degree in nuclear engineering, you may find employment as a nuclear technician which has an entry-level salary averaging $42,550 per year, based on regular full-time employment.

4.) Paralegal Or Legal Assistant Program

With an associate's degree in legal studies, one can already find employment as a legal assistant or paralegal. They provide support to lawyers such as doing research, investigating facts, and preparing technical paper work. The entry level salary of a paralegal with an associate's degree in legal studies ranges from $28,862 to $38,761 per year.

5.) Dental Hygienist Program

A career in dental hygiene is one of the most rewarding careers in the health care industry. Their job is to provide assistance to the dentist with tasks such as cleaning teeth, giving orientations to patients regarding dental care, and much more. The entry level salary of a dental hygienist based on full-time employment ranges from $40,000 to $60,000 per year.

Based on these figures and information, you should have a better idea on selecting which online associates degree you would want to pursue, and which best suits your needs.

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