Having earned a post graduate degree is such an amazing achievement for any person to experience. Continuing education is a career move to have the best opportunities at hand.

We created a list below of the best online doctorate degrees based on salary so you can get an idea of what each field pays before enrolling.

1.) Doctorate of Business Administration

The best online doctorate degree is business administration. It is well-paid and probably the most flexible of doctorate degrees. Fields of specialization include: business, finance, sales, accounting, and more. Doctorate degrees in business administration can be utilized in any type of management operation. A Doctorate of Business administration was created for senior-level executives who still want to further their careers by sharing real business issues and office situations with the class. Senior level business executives can earn anywhere from $150,000 to $555,000 per year.

2.) Doctorate of Medical Practice

A career in the medical profession has always been well rewarding and can be considered as one of the best online doctorate degrees.  Members of a medical team have very high job security as there is always demand in the healthcare sector. The highest paid member of a medical team is generally a doctor. Earning a medical doctorate is an impressive endeavor which takes three to four years of postgraduate education prior to residency program. With a career in the medical field, you get a sense that you are able to help those who are in need of medical attention and care. Lastly, the compensation for a medical doctor is really generous, as an average doctor usually makes well above six figures.

3.) Doctorate of Law

A doctoral degree in law produces doctors of law which is the highest possible form of education in the field of jurisprudence. After completing a law degree, the graduate must be able to pass the bar exam to be able to practice as an attorney in their state of choice. Lawyers can generally earn a salary of $80,000 to $135,000, depending on what type of law the get into.

4.) Doctorate of Engineering

All levels of engineering are highly regarded by many professionals, but if one has earned a doctorate degree they will receive even more acknowledgement and respect. All engineering graduates like the chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering; despite of what major they take are all high earning careers. However, the most rewarding of all is a petroleum engineer. The oil industry will always be strong and the need for petroleum engineers is always high. The yearly income a petroleum engineer makes is roughly $128,000.

5.) Doctorate of Education

Education is also one of the best online doctorate degrees. Professors in college earn great salaries because they have a doctorate degree in education. Job security for a professor in college is also high. The average income of a college professor is around $100,000 per year.

Though doctorate degrees entails lots hard work, time and money, they are well worth it because of the potential to earn an enormous amount of money and be respected in your profession at the highest level possible.