Pursuing a legal degree is still one of the most popular post-graduate pursuits in America. While law school applications continue to increase, getting into a top school of your choice can be extremely difficult. Therefore, students are forced to look outside of the top ten, or twenty law schools in the country.

The fact is that a school doesn’t have to be expensive and located in the northeast to be considered a good law school.

Here are some top law schools of excellence that students often over-look:

1.) University of Texas Law School – Austin, Texas

Texas is one of the most appreciated and top law schools for the reason that it is the cheapest elite law school in the country. This university has a 27 percent big firm employment rate as well as 8 percent federal clerkship rate. Also, the law students of the University of Texas rate student life among the highest in the country while it is quite easy to believe when you realize the fact that this law school sits smack in the middle of the campus of the undergraduates. When you know that you have the UT social and athletic scene as a release waiting just next door, it becomes a lot easier cramming for exams.

2.) University of Alabama Law School – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This particular school of law is the proud alma mater of Hugo Black – Senator and Supreme Court Justice. As a law school of choice in the South, Alabama law enjoys a long tradition of prestige. University of Alabama boasts a high 9.3% federal clerkship rate and overall 93% employment rate. It also features one of the lowest in-state and out-of-state tuitions in the country.

3.) BYU Law School – Provo, Utah

BYU law makes a strong case for getting the most bang for your buck with the lowest cost of any elite law school in the country. On the other hand, BYU law is cheaper than many undergraduate universities in America where the average cost of law school tuition is almost double what BYU charges. Therefore, the capacity to attend an elite law school at a reduction of fifty percent is difficult to contest. Above all, BYU law boasts a ninety-four percent employment rate together with twelve percent rate going to federal clerkships or big firms.

4.) Fordham Law School – New York, New York

Also in the category of top American law schools is Fordham law school. With students being able to get hands on experience in New York City courts throughout law school, Fordham’s central location allows it to offer one of the best legal programs in the country. On the other hand, Fordham law enjoys huge benefits from being so closely sited at the center of the big law world right in Manhattan. No wonder it is regarded as one of the guarded legal secrets of New York City. About a third of Fordham graduates enter the Big law yearly and its professional network runs throughout the state of New York.

5.) UCLA Law School – Los Angeles, California

ULCA is situated in sunny Los Angeles and boasts a fantastic employment number and decorated faculty. UCLA law promises and delivers big, with 92 percent overall employment and over one third of the class entering big law jobs. Top ten rankings in International law and Tax law help offer a plethora of choices for potential law students.

You will be able to get all the law experience you need at the cheapest cost ever, with these fantastic and frequently over-looked top American law schools.