Amanda Bynes surgery is an interesting one. This is because the issue had for long been held as rumors, until recently when Bynes came out complaining that she didn’t like magazines and other media outlets using old photos of her. In one of her tweets, she said that Intouch had used an old photo that she had taken years back and she hated it. Bynes went further to say that the reason why she had asked all magazines and blogs to stop using her old photos is because she looked totally different. She said that she had had a nose job to remove webbing skin between her eyes and she looked prettier now. In the tweet, Bynes went on to say that if any of the media wanted her photos, they should ask for one, instead of using the old ones.

Many people have been talking about Amanda Bynes surgery. For those who don’t know her, Amanda Bynes is a popular, 27 year old actress who has been acting since the age of 7, but it's clear that her multiple surgeries could be ruining her career.

She stepped in the spotlight in the year 1999 and has been a darling to many due to her acting skills. Due to her talent and rapid rise in the acting profession, you would say she was one with the entire world literally at her feet and a great and bright future ahead of her. Although, her star in the acting profession seemed to shine brighter and brighter, she wasn’t comfortable, and she had announced publicly of her quitting. Unfortunately, her career has approached a pit stop when she was arrested in 2012 for DUI.

Other than the nose job, Bynes recently told RadarOnline that she also had her breast implants removed.  Explaining why she removed the breast implants, Bynes said that she was not comfortable with them. The breast implant removal was the third Amanda Bynes surgery. Although, Bynes claimed that she wanted to have her A-cup size breasts back, a source told RadarOnline that the reason why Bynes’ implants had to be removed was because a tube had been lodged in one of her breasts and Amanda was in pain. Although, the statements contradicted each other, the insider, a close ally to Amanda, said that Amanda was happy with her smaller breasts and even said that the smaller breasts were better than the larger ones.

Despite the complications that arose and resulted to the removal of the breast implant, there is another Amanda Bynes surgery coming. In one of her latest tweets, Amanda said that she was going to have another nose surgery. Amanda seems determined to rectify her ‘birth defects,’ and you never know when another Amanda Bynes surgery is coming. In another of her tweets, Amanda said, that she loved surgery because it gave her all the solutions that she wanted. An informer told Radar that Bynes was addicted to the confidence that each surgery gave her. According to Radars insider, Amanda stopped working in Hollywood because she was insecure of her appearance and she was going to get back on stage and start filming once the surgeries were all over.