Is Drake the next Justin Timberlake or just another rapper?

The Canadian rapper, Drake has become one of the most promising hip-hop artists since he migrated to United States to pursue his music career. In a span of one year, Drake has recorded multiple singles that have been featured at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs. He has also won a record deal with the prestigious music label Young Money Entertainment. Furthermore, has performed at the Grammys alongside his mentor Lil Wayne. Despite the young man’s success, can you believe that Drake was on Degrassi?

Drake on Degrassi played Jimmy Brooks. For those of you who are unfamiliar with ‘Degrassi,’ this is a Canadian high-school melodrama that aired on TV for seven seasons. It is a comedic teenage drama, but with excellent message delivery. For comedy lovers, Degrassi is similar to ‘saved by the bell’ albeit more emotional. The drama show cases the problems that students at Degrassi Community School go through. Some of the challenges featured in the drama are: peer pressure, sexual identity, self injury, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, poor self image among many other issues.  The series premiered on CTV on October 14 2004, the largest part of the series being set on Degrassi Street in Toronto, Canada.

Drake on Degrassi was involved in one of the hard hitting story lines. In the drama, Drake is shown as someone with intimacy issues. Due to his weird behaviors, it leaves many people wondering if Drake is gay or homophobic.

Other than his intimacy issues, Drake on Degrassi also had a tough and arrogant personality.  His arrogant side is seen when he was asked by his friend about his intimate issues. He responded in a rather rude and arrogant manner. His tough personality was exhibited on the basketball court when he came head on with another player who tried to disrespect him.

Drake was not just a fighter on Degrassi, but a great lover. Drake seemed obsessed with cutie, Alli whom he shared several intimate sessions with. Despite Alli being arrogant, and with great desire for boys and popularity, Drake did a good job and played the part very well. He became the perfect lover that any teenage girl would ever want.

In one of the most shocking episodes, Drake on Degrassi was shot at the back which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Although, Drake healed and went back to his normal life, the shooting was an emotional time for the drama watchers as the season took an abrupt turn of events.

So there we have it. That was Drake on Degrassi. Drakes’ history is more of a story of an actor turned rapper. Maybe the closest parallel story is that of Justin Timberlake who went from acting (at Mickey Mouse club) to a successful career as a recording artist, and now he is back into acting, movies.

Drake and Justin Timberlake are two artists with very similar comparisons. So, is Drake the next Justin Timberlake or just another rapper? Only time will tell.