The latest buzzword in the world of entertainment is Miley Cyrus. Since the time her contract ended with the Hannah Montana show, the teenage star turned young adult seems to be turning up and making headlines of all kinds in the world of glamour and entertainment. It is as if she has suddenly decided to stop being a boring musical sensation and be a pop star that would be wild and unconventional.

Thus, the first step that she took to grab the attention of the world is to shave off her hair. Not many have taken kindly to her unconventional approach to young adult life of fame and glamour. While her sense of fashion is certainly worth considering and following by the young teens across the world, not every mom is happy. And they have reason to be, that might be the reason why the letter from Miley Cyrus mom has gone viral this week.

Miley’s Mother Speaks Up:

While Miley has been in the news almost most of the year this time, an open letter from Miley Cyrus mom is keeping up the controversial happenings around this young star. Kim Keller, mother of the star, from Frisco, Texas has written down in her blog on Monday, addressing her star daughter apparently.

She states that, as everything has been stated to be awesome around the young lady, it has gone to her head. That is inevitable, when everyone fawns over every photo she uploads on Twitter as well as Instagram. Miley Cyrus mom even indicates to her own inadequacy of never having said no to her daughter or spanked her butt when she showed her acts of defiance.

Keller’s Admonitions:

Keller, Miley Cyrus mom stated in her interview with ABC, that she shared the concerns of other parents of the effect of Cyrus’s performance in MTV Video Music Award that was seen to be controversial. She stated that she would be running up and taping her daughter’s mouth shut to stop it from hanging out like a hound dog high on hormones.

However, her father seems to be on board with her controversial actions. He seems to be in with the tweeting trend and approves of it. Keller’s letter on her blog might be admonishing to her daughter but it might just seem too late with such admonitions not having much effect now. Many are left wondering where Miley Cyrus mom instincts were when her daughter was growing up with her.