Lamar was born in November 6, 1979 in South Jamaica Queens. Life for him was a bed of roses until recently when news of his infidelity to his stunning wife Khloe Kardashian rocked the air waves and spread like wild fire. Lamar Odom cheating saga was like a hotcake to everyone who came to knew about it.

Life for this NBA super star was going great, considering he won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers and named the Sixth man of the year. If you add all that success on the pitch to his marriage to one of the most gorgeous and influential women, Khloe Kardashian he must have felt like the king, who wouldn’t. But all that came tumbling down when the media reported that he had been caught cheating on his wife with not one, not two, but five women in the past year.

According to rumors, Sandy Shultz, one of Lamar mistresses (third if I am to be precise) was bold enough to openly declare that Khole Kardashian knew about Lamar Odom cheating on her and their relationship, and it was she who broke them up.

Evidence of the trouble facing their marriage was clear as evidenced in the latest episode of keeping up with the Kardashians.

When Lamar went back on his promise of taking Kanye west to the baby shower of Kim Kardashian, this is said to have disappointed Kim, Lamar’s’ sister in law, a fact that angered Khloe to the extent of calling her hubby unspeakable names. It is alleged that she had called him a “moron. While at some point Lamar was heard complaining to a friend of his, that his wife Khloe treats him like his mother, quite an issue there you must agree. Whether that is a good enough reason to cheat on a gorgeous wife in the class of the Kardashians is a big NO in my book.

He is known and heard to have gone on record admitting to not using protection all the time in the many Lamar Odem cheating escapades. A fact that sources close to Khloe admitted. They disclosed that the infidelity made Khloe lsick of her husband to the extent of her going to the hospital to get tested for ST Is. The marital problems of Lamar have taken such a huge toll on him such that Lamar has found himself in a state of depression making him resort to drugs. Whether that will help I don’t know but be sure we will have a new chapter to talk about as this may not be the end of Lamar Odom cheating saga. Stick around for juicier details on Lamar Odom cheating.