And The Emmy Award Goes To …

Emmy Awards — the biggest night for the Television industry which hold immense significance for the participants. It is the one defining moment for those television professionals who are recognized by the jury for their outstanding performance and commendable contribution to the industry.

Every year, the Emmy Awards event aims at highlighting those in the television industry who have worked hard to ensure that the viewers are thoroughly entertained. Not only do they provide entertainment value to the audience but they also provide the means by which the viewers are able to connect with every character being portrayed on the television broadcasts.

The Emmy Awards night is a celebration of the hard work of the entire television industry, a celebration of the countless hours put into a creative production, and most importantly a night for Emmy Award Winners.

The year 2013 witnessed the 65th edition of the Emmy Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Fan favorites in the competing categories seemed to have pulled off a victory this year with “Modern Family” securing the award for the most outstanding comedy series (this being the 4th consecutive win for the show) and “Breaking Bad” winning in the Outstanding Drama category.

The night also bore witness to some pretty unexpected outcomes for Emmy Award winners, one of the major results being the victory of Steven Colbert in the “Outstanding Variety Series” for his contribution in “The Colbert Report”. This was unexpected as Jon Stewart had been bagging the award for 11 years in a row since 2002 and it was but natural for his victory to be expected by the audience.

Other unexpected outcomes involved the victory of Tony Hale who managed to bag the “Best Supporting Actor” award by beating three nominated stars from “Modern Family”. Merritt Waver won the award in the Best Supporting Actress segment and her victory too saw her beating two nominated stars from “Modern Family”. These outcomes took the crowd by surprise and were an interesting night which kept the audience speculating on the outcomes of the awards.

Among the Emmy Award Winners was Michael Douglas who won his first Emmy for his role of Liberace in “Behind the Candelabra”. Consecutively, “Behind the Candelabra” also won the award in the Outstanding Movie I Miniseries category. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the best actress award for the show “Veep” broadcasted on HBO. “The Voice” came victorious in the “Reality —Competition Program”.

The show highlighted prominent figures in the television industry with a mix of expected as well as unexpected outcomes being seen. It was the occasion of a first Emmy victory for some while others reveled in their glorious win by continuing their winning streak from previous years. The entire spectacle of the show made the night special not only for the Emmy Award Winners but also from the audience (both live and those who were watching it from their homes).