The Hunger Games – Only The Strongest Will Survive

The world is ever full of amazing tales and wonders that are repeatedly told to every new generation. What is Hunger Games about depicts the challenges that a society which is economically disadvantaged faces on a daily basis.

It entails involuntary sacrifices that are meant to bring relief to the parties involved. It is based in a North American City that is surrounded by a dozen poverty stricken administrative zones that are subjected to punishment. This attributed to their defiance to the governing authorities in the past years. It is a requirement that each administrative zone should bring forth teenagers of either gender who are aged between twelve to eighteen years. They are then selected randomly and made to fight each other. The motive is to find a champion after the death of all the participants. The winner is then rewarded with expensive gifts while at same time winning admiration from the audience.

What is Hunger Games About involves a female character known as Katniss. The sister to Katniss has been scheduled to participate in the seventy fourth annual events. But due to the Love that Katniss has for the younger sister, Katniss decides to risk and participate instead of the younger sibling. What is Hunger Games About is about true love and sacrifice.

Antis are taken alongside a male fighter, Peeta who also happens to be a former schoolmate. The winner of the fiftieth Hunger games, Victor is the one appointed to induct the two through the fighting process. They are taken to an arena where they are supposed to watch the fighters in action. They are also supposed to highlight the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the fighters.

Prior to the onset of the deadly fight, the participants are paraded before a live television audience. Peeta seizes this unique opportunity and declares undying love towards Katniss. This leaves the audience perplexed. As the fight progresses, Katniss uses the skills acquired in the course of hunting to remain relevant in the arena. This is after nearly half the participants have been eliminated through death. Peeta ends up joining members from other economically endowed zones as Katniss forms friendship with a twelve year girl from the eleventh administrative zone. Peeta finds an opportunity to kill Katniss but instead eliminates other opponents. What is Hunger Games About clearly outline survival tactics employed when faced with adversaries.

The twelve year old girl, Rue is finally killed and this angers Peeta who eventually kills the responsible parties. Katniss is left without a reliable friend but manage to come to the rescue of Peeta who by then was bleeding profusely. This led to the audience recalling the publicly declared romantic relationship between the duo. A unanimous decision is made to declare the two winners of the event. The decision is overturned later so that the two can engage in a brutal fight so that only a single winner is found. In this aspect, what is Hunger Games About shows sacrifices tends to highlight leaders wickedness. Katniss is displeased by this decision and threatens to kill Peeta before committing suicide. This leads to them being declared the overall winners. What is Hunger Games About provides comfort to the winners.