Summer is officially here which is an extremely fun time for humans, and dogs as well. Dogs really love playing outside, despite the heat. However, not all homes have central air; therefore different cooling methods for pets can be applied to keep that dog of yours cool, strong, healthy, and happy.

Keep in mind, dogs cannot cool themselves like us. They tend to pant to try and cool off, although that isn't enough when its very hot and humid outside. Even if a dog may look like he is cool on those really hot days, chances are he could use a cool down. Thankfully with vast experience with dogs, we've created a great list of tips on keeping dogs cool below.

It's up to the dog's owner to make sure that their pets are staying cool. Below are five key ways that you can use to help assist your dog to stay cool during these hot summer days.

1.) Small Wading Doggy Pools.

Always give your dog an option to get wet. For our pets we have set up a small wading pool, shaded in the back yard under a tree for our dog to cool off. Not only is this a key factor for keeping our dog cool, but he really enjoys splashing around in the water.

2.) Providing Comfortable, Cool, Shelter.

Air conditioning is always beneficial for a dog to cool off; however if your house doesn't have air conditioning, we recommend purchasing a dog house of some sort so your pet has access to a cool place outdoors. Just as we prefer our cooler spots in the summer, our pets do too!

3.) Constant Access To Cold, Fresh Water.

The obvious one, and probably the most important in these heated months is constant access to water for your dog. Try and keep the bowl filled at all times or you can purchase an automatic bowl filler anytime water levels get low. Your dogs bowl should be refilled atleast 2-3 times per day, depending on your type of dog and how hot the weather is.

4.) Avoid Hot Ground Underneath Dog Paws.

Asphalt can get extremely hot in the summer and having your dog walk on hot pavement hurts the same way when humans walk on hot pavement. Give your dog access to plenty of grass or some sort of cooling bed that separates his paws from the pavement. This will allow your dog to stay cool from the paws up.

5.) Keep Dog Hair Short.

As you can imagine, thick-haired dogs can have severe issues in the heat so if your dog is usually thick and bushy, you should consider taking your dog to a dog groomers and get it groomed properly. This is a job for a professional so do not try and groom him yourself unless you really know what you are doing.