Every seasoned bartender has his own special selection of custom drinks, each with its own unique combination of liquors and accompanying accents, but there are still some bar drinks recipes that every mixologist should know by heart. Whether you plan on working in the restaurant and bar industry, or you enjoy mixing cocktails for friends at home, these are a few simple recipes you should definitely have on the menu.

1.) Old Fashioned

As the name would suggest, this drink has been around for a while, and it combines some very traditional ingredients into a truly satisfying sip. If you want to charm company with an old favorite, try this one out.

In each glass you plan on serving, add one sugar cube, a teaspoon of water, and one dash of bitters before muddling the ingredients together. On top of this you can drop in two ice cubes, a thin lemon wedge, and 2 ounces of whiskey. Garnish with a cherry and an additional wedge of citrus and enjoy.

2.) Alabama Slammer

As far as bar drinks recipes go, you'll find this one in most restaurants and nightclubs. A sweet and fruity blend of juice and liqueur, the Alabama Slammer is a great summer staple.

To get started you'll need to load your shake cup with ice cubes; a stainless steel shaker works best to retain the cold. In the shaker mix together two tablespoons of sweet and sour, two tablespoons of orange juice, and a half an ounce each of amaretto, southern comfort, and gin. Shake well and serve.

3.) Singapore Sling

Another sweet and fruity drink, the Singapore Sling makes other bar drink recipes pale in comparison. It combines a strong cherry flavor with the sharp tang of sweet and sour mix and the slightly bitter kick of liqueur.

To enjoy this concoction, grab yourself a Collins glass and line it with three ice cubes and about half an ounce of grenadine. Pour in an ounce of gin, and fill glass almost to the top with a blend of sweet and sour and club soda. Finish with a half ounce of cherry brandy and a cherry garnish.

4.) Mojito

This traditional Cuban highball has made its way into the hearts and menus of many mixologists. It is one of the few bar drinks recipes that contains little alcohol, but still manages to pack a punch.

To make a minty Mojito, place 7 to 10 mint leaves into the bottom of a highball glass and spoon in some crushed ice. The number of leaves you use will determine how minty the drink becomes, so use your own taste as a deciding factor. Pour in an ounce and a half of spiced rum and a tablespoon of sugar, muddle together before adding a splash of lime juice and top with club soda. Garnish with 2 or 3 additional mint leaves and enjoy.

5.) Mai Tai

Known for its association with Polynesian ancestry, the Mai Tai is a great tropical beverage to serve on the patio. With a hint of almond and pineapple, it brings together one of the best bar drink recipes of our time.

To make the perfect Mai Tai, fill a Collins glass with an ounce of light rum of your choice, half an ounce of creme de almond and half an ounce of triple sec. Fill almost to the top with sweet and sour and coconut juice, and add an extra half ounce of dark rum. Garnish with flowers or an umbrella and straw, and enjoy.