Nearly everyone you meet has seen that nice little box of Bisquick mix that makes some incredible biscuits. Just thinking about them can start your mouth watering. Their soft buttery taste and their flaky texture can make you feel like they were completely homemade. But many people don't realize that there are lots of things you can do with Bisquick mix besides making your favorite biscuits. With just a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can create Bisquick recipes of many of your favorite foods and you won't have to do it all from scratch.

The One-Step Mix:

Consider your Bisquick mix as multiple ingredients all rolled into one. And what's great is that now you can find gluten-free Bisquick for those who may have a gluten intolerance. Once you realize that Bisquick is not a single ingredient but a combination of your basic dry ingredients in most baked breads, flour, baking powder, salt, and other dry ingredients already measured and mixed together you can see how easy it can be to mix up your own creation. There will be some surprising things that can come from this revelation.

1.) Tortillas

In addition to those light fluffy biscuits, consider making a batch of tortillas for your next taco or enchilada night.

2.) Pretzels

Everyone loves a good pretzel recipe. Bisquick makes for a quick and easy pretzel that only takes minutes to prepare but will taste like it took a lot longer. Make it a fun project to do with your family and your kids will never want to leave the kitchen.

3.) Chicken And Dumplings

If you love the old favorite, you'll really love the amount of time you'll save by using Bisquick recipes for the dumplings in the traditional chicken and dumpling dish. You won't have to mix up the dough, roll it out, and painstakingly make each little dumpling the right size so the sauce will permeate it enough that the flavor gets into every morsel. With this Bisquick recipe you can have it all done in just a matter of a few minutes.

4.) Fast Chicken Pot Pie

You can also make a fabulous chicken pot pie that everyone will love. Without having to mix up and then roll out the dough, much of the work will have been done for you. No one will complain when they bite into that fluffy, airy texture that Bisquick is known for.

Bisquick can be used in all sorts of dishes. It has remained a popular product for decades because it is quick and easy to use and it's adaptable to so many different dishes. And it tastes like the old fashioned traditional biscuits you may have grown up with. So whether you're looking to go traditional or a little off the wall you'll find Bisquick recipes that can adapt to just about any sort of food you can think of. Just imagine, anything you can do with dough, you can do with Bisquick. From great entrees to fabulous desserts and everything you might find in between, you'll realize that you can save a lot of time from the kitchen without ever really realizing it.