Cat owners across the nation know that providing your cat with the best possible care is a top priority. You want to make sure that after taking them into your home, you give them a good life with many wonderful experiences and memories to share in. One of the most important things that cat owners do in order to make sure that their cat is happy and healthy is providing them with a great food that will help aid them in a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes providing your cat with the most outstanding food the market has to offer can get costly, and some cat owners must stick to a budget. There is no need to worry, because there are many food options that cat owners can choose from that still provide many great health benefits to your cat, but don’t cause you to break the bank. Below are just a few of the wonderfully cost effective cat foods you can choose from.

One food choice you can make for your cat is the Purina One SmartBlend Adult Variety dry food. This food has real chicken or salmon (depending on the flavor you choose for your cat) as the primary ingredient. This is important because cats need a diet that is rich in meats to provide them with protein, because cats are actually carnivores. Some reviewers have stated that their have been improvements to their cat’s health after switching to Purina One SmartBlend Adult Variety dry food. This food also comes in varieties for kittens, mature cats, and indoor cats, as well as some for hairball control, and for cats with sensitive digestive systems. This food starts at $27 for a 16-pound bag, and can be found at,, and

Another cat food that you can try on a budget is Taste of the Wild Feline Formula, which is also found on Amazon and Pup Daddy, as well as starting at just $28.50 for a 15-pound bag. Cats are not supposed to have a diet high in grains, and many of the cheaper cat foods use grains as a filler. This is not good for the cat, as it provides the wrong kind of protein and energy that a cat needs. This cat food comes in two flavors: Canyon River, which is made with trout, salmon, and sweet potato, along with the Rocky Mountain flavor, which is made with venison, salmon, peas and sweet potato. The Canyon River flavor contains a minimum of 32% protein, and the Rocky Mountain flavor has a minimum of 42% protein. Additional protein is derived from plants, and fruits and vegetables deliver carbohydrates that are not harmful to your cat.

A last food you can count on for your cat when you are on a budget is Friskies Meaty Bites Canned Food. Although most of the meat in this food consists of byproducts, cats do not seem to mind. They enjoy the gravy that the food is in, and that makes it so they will eat the meaty bits and get the protein that they need.  The protein level is at a minimum 11%, and fat at a minimum 2.5%. This budget cat food is popular among cat owners because their cats seem to enjoy the taste, and the price is just right. You can find Friskies Meaty Bites Canned Food on, and Walmart stores starting at $11 for a 24-pack of cans.